Netatmo Rain Item Analyse

I have a netatmo rain Gauge.
I setup evrything and the thing ist working.
Actually I have a behaviuor that I can not explain.

The Item shows correctly 9.5 mm Rain, but if I press the analyse button
the graph shows 0.009 mm . Were comes this diffrence from?

Inside the logfile it looks also ok.

The range for the graph areas is set to auto. But the questions is where comes this factor 1000?

Persistence service relies on the default Unit of Measurement defined for each Item.

It’s a bit of a kludge involved; persistence stores only the current numerical value of an Item. When data is retrieved later e.g. for charting, the services takes the stored number and adds on the Item’s current default unit.

So what can go wrong? Let’s say you have not given your Item a default unit. Some types, like Temperature, get assigned a system default unit based on your locale. Some don’t. I there is no Item default, and no system default for that type, it gets in a mess. So Item state 9mm can end up as 0.009m.

Edit your Item state description metadata to set the Item’s unit, so that persistence and charting are all agreed on units.

Hi thanks, now it works.
Actually I was wondering why this did not happen before.
All my other equipment works perfectly, without this change, and even other modules from netatmo.
Only the rain sensor shows this behaviour.
But it works. So thanks