Netatmo Rain Sum


According Description: Rain

Example item for the rain gauge

Number Netatmo_Rain_Current “Rain [%.1f mm]” { channel = “netatmo:NAModule3:home:rain:Rain” }
Supported types for the rain gauge:


Rain1 and Rain24 are new, right? Does this work for someone? I don’t see any channels and result is “-”

The 1.x binding supports this feature

Yes I know :wink:
I’m wondering if this feature will be available in V2 in the near future. According docu Rain1 and Rain24 should be an option to use:

This has been done in v2.0 of the binding see PR, so it should be working.

OK, Great!
I’m using latest snapshot 2.1.0 and somehow it doesn’t work. And also I do not have channels for Rain1 and Rain24:

Remove/Add of Thing was needed. Working now! Thanks :+1:

AI tried your approach removing and adding the rain gauge using PaperUI, but Rain1 and Rain24 are still not showing up.
I even restarted OH2 after removing the rain gauge and before adding it again.

I got them !!
Damn it - i just found the “show more” Button.
Never seen it before.

So, never mind!