Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves Support

Hi, are there any plans to support Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves?

I do own a few of them and I’m willing to support any testing.


Hi Alejandro,

There is a binding for Netatmo devices (see

Currently Netatmo API does not expose Radiator Valves, so no option for the binding. But I suppose Netatmo will update it one day or the other.

Thx Gaël

We will have to wait for Netatmo then.

@glhopital yesterday I was adding some new stuff to my Alexa and suddenly I realized that my Netamo Valves showed up in Alexa!

I’ve been digging in the Netamo developers forum and I’ve found that 2 days ago they have released the Valve API.

Could you take a look at it (I guess they have change quite a lot the way they handle energy). If I can be of any help developing or testing, please let me know I have some experience in Java (not much, but I can help).


Hi, are there any news to support Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves?

No (as far as I know) Maybe @glhopital can tell us somenthing??

that’s a shame :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Hi @glhopital ,
any chance of supporting the Smart Radiator Valves?


I’m a bit reluctant to implement things I do not have to test.
So, offer me one :slight_smile: I’ll be glad to test and implement :wink:

At least there are 3 of us interested in this mod (@cweitkamp, @oppo1967p, @Jesus_Santos) . A radiator valve is 79.99€ ( I’m not up to pay those 80€, but I’ll spend 20€ with no prob. If we can get, at least, one more people to this party, I’ll contribute to buy one valve for @glhopital

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For me is fine. Even if we divide by 3 (26€ each)

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I am afraid I cannot donate for it. I never talked about being interested in the heating valves. I use a different brand in my house.

@Jesus_Santos, can you contribute? :slight_smile:

I have good news, navybk has start the work on it :blush:

Hi, there are any news to support Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves?

The git page opened by navybk are not found.