Netatmo Temperature to KNX Bus

System: OH 3.0.0

I try to send the Netatmo outdoor temperature to the KNX Bus.

The Netatmo Thing works correctly and sends its State to a Temperature Item (Temperatur Aussen).

I created a KNX NUMBER Item (Temperatur Aussen Info) With a Link to the Temperature Item.

But there is no traffic on the KNX Bus. I also tried the follow function in the KNX Item.

Hope you guys can help me.

There is a thread on sending NTP time to knx.
You can do this in a similar way.
The key to success is using a knx control-channel in a thing and using the “follow” profile for an item.

Thanks a lot
Was a little bit tricky, but now it works

  • Solution was the same item for both Things and:
    Knx thing has to follow
    Temperature thing is standard

AND: Its only a Number, not an Number:temperature item :slight_smile:

It seems the “AND: Its only a Number, not an Number:temperature item” is a crucial hint here.
Yesterday I faced the same issue and spent like half of the evening trying to figure out why it’s not working.
Even if this thread is “solved” I’ll allow myself to re-ignite it with question: is it OH’s design decision to behave like this, ie. to disallow Number channels to follow Number:xxx items? If so, shouldn’t there be at least some trace of this “incompatiblity” in logs? Otherwise it’s very confusing and annoying trying to figure out why such link doesn’t work.
In my case the Item was automattically generated from an OpenWheatherMap channel as Number:temperature and it’s rather obvious that people might want to propage such values to KNX bus.
From user’s point, whether the type is Number or Number:temperate mainly affects the way it’s presented (the latter adds the unit). The value itself is still compatible. Is there any specific reason for OH to ignore such links? The value itself should be still compatible.

No, its a binding author’s decision. In this case the KNX binding was created before OH even had Quantity type Items (with units) and simply doesn’t handle them. Yet.
Volunteer binding maintainers always welcome.

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