Netatmo to say temperature on Sonos

Hello Everyone,

I thought the following ios a good idea: when requesting a ‘on demand measurement’ with my Netatmo weatherstation (tap on top) the outside temperature should be played via my google home or Sonos.

Unfortunately I don’t have any idea how to start and grab the on demand measurement with my openhab. Maybe someone of you has an idea? Or do you think it’s not possible with?

Thanks a lot!


Has nobody any idea?


Hi Matthias,

That’s a cool idea. But I’m afraid it’s not possible to capture the events for on-demand measurements from Netatmo weather stations with OH2.

Maybe you can implement a virtual Switch item to trigger a rule which prepares and executes the say command for your Sonos device(s).

I don’t know Netatmo, but isn’t the “on demand” a detectable event? If you would start this event on a sitemap it should be possible.

The Netamo weather API is a webservice we have to poll frequently. The access/request is/are restricted and the Netamo weather station sends it’s measurements only every ten minutes to the servers. The polling of the binding is synced with those delivery processes. I am not aware of any events which can be captured.

On the other hand Netatmo purchases security devices like cameras with object recognition e.g. humans, animals, cars. For those events the binding starts a webservlet to provide a callback URL for the Netatmo servers. I don’t know if there are any other events provided to the callback.

ok, was just a try but seems not to be that easy.
Anyhow @cweitkamp @opus all the best for 2018!