Netatmo Welcome Camera

I have for a long time now used netatmo indoor module, but now I also got a welcome camera:)
However I am struggling to accsess it:
Item file:
String Welcome_Home "Home [%s]" {netatmo="camera=5859b11a2b2b46e32e8b5XX#Name"}

Text item=Welcome_Home

DO I need to regenerete client ID and accsess tokens?

Also one thing I noted after upgrading to OH2 and using paper UI is that the binding info dissapered, but the binding still works because its configured in paper UI, so should I just delete all binding infor from my items?

Number   Netatmo_MasterBedroom_CO2    "Indoor Carbon Dioxide [%d ppm]"  (Group_Netatmo)  {netatmo="70:ee:50:1a:xx:b6#03:00:00:xx:77:7a#Co2"}
Number   Netatmo_SportsBod_Temperature    "Sports Bod Temperature [%.2f °C]"  (Group_Netatmo)

Hi skatun,
yes, you need to regenerate client ID AND token, had the same issue. For OH2: There is currently no Welcome-Support in the 2.0 Binding, so maybe just stay with the old one and create an extra .item file. FYI, here are my Cam-items:

DateTime Welcome_A_LastSeen   "A... zuletzt gesehen [%1$ta, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tR]" (GF_Living) {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#c6b1b1a4-f5d5-4cf2-b6d5-8f0906e0edb1#LastSeen"}
DateTime Welcome_E_LastSeen   "E... zuletzt gesehen [%1$ta, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tR]" (GF_Living) {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#ef4b886e-41ef-4e60-bf17-5b1f7799544b#LastSeen"}
DateTime Welcome_J_LastSeen   "J... zuletzt gesehen [%1$ta, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tR]" (GF_Living) {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#e73d9159-7963-4b24-9ae4-fd3819d1967f#LastSeen"}
Switch   Welcome_J_AtHome     "Anwesenheit J..."          (GF_Living)                            {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#e73d9159-7963-4b24-9ae4-fd3819d1967f#OutOfSight"}
Number  Welcome_Unknown_Home       "Anzahl Unbekannt @Home [%d]"  (GF_Living)  {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#UNKNOWN#HomeCount"}
String  Welcome_Camera_Status     "Kamera Status [%s]"      (GF_Living) {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#70:ee:50:18:8b:13#Status"}
String  Welcome_Camera_SDStatus   "Kamera SD Status [%s]"  (GF_Living)  {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#70:ee:50:18:8b:13#SdStatus"}
String  Welcome_Camera_AlimStatus "Kamera Power Status [%s]" (GF_Living) {netatmo="camera=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#70:ee:50:18:8b:13#AlimStatus"}

The OH1 binding works with OH2. In order to see it in the list of addons, you need to go to Configuration->System and enable both “Access Remote Repositories” and “Include Legacy 1.x Bindings”.

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thanks for pointing that out

will look into it when I am back on the 7th of jan. Will there be an official 2.0 binding soon @ranielsen?
I also pasted an image of how it looks like in paper UI for future reference, in case someone else read this thread.

From what I understand the 2.0 binding is still work in progress, and doesn’t have all the functionality that the 1.x binding has.

Ok, but if it is in work, it might happen soon:)

So finally got down to it, works fine now,

Is there a good way in the sitemap to list all names that are home?