Netgear Arlo

Is there a Binding I can use for netgear arlo camera? I could not found something, maybe under a different title?

Or another camera you would recommend for indoor use?

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OH doesn’t really have much support built in for cameras. If the camera streams mjpeg you can put that video stream on your sitemap. If it has an API you can query/command it through one of the generic binding (HTTP, TCP, etc). However, if you want to process events (e.g. motion detected) and the like you will need to use something else, such as Zoneminder or iSpy.

@skycryer - You should look at this:

Have you got some documentation about that? Tks

Does it also work for Arlo Q or Arlo Q Plus?

I don’t know about that - but it looks like it is communicating with the service and not the cameras so would think so

If I plan to tie the Arlo Pro cameras to OpenHAB2, do I need to buy the box that comes with them or just the cameras?

you need the box :wink:

Any luck integrating arlo?


Until minds much cleverer than I work on an Arlo binding, I’m controlling mine through the IFTTT integration:

It’s pretty easy to set up once you’ve got the cloud connector part set up and followed the process.

For example I have a presence variable in OH and an IFTTT applet that waits for a change in state,

If This = OH state is OFF, (ie I’m away)
Then = Arlo set state to arm, so the cameras are armed and ready to record.

You can also go the other way:

If This = Arlo detects motion
Then = Send variable state to OH to trigger a rule to turn on security lights / sonos / flash hue bulbs etc

To be honest I think this is probably best of both worlds as I get to use the Arlo app as it is pretty nice and I can’t even begin to imagine how you would integrate it into OH…

Hope that helps.

Since IFTTT was disabled, this is not an option.
Arlo provide an API but I think I will not have the resources to develop an addon.

It should work with smarthings so maybe thats a way to integrate them into OH?