Netgear ProSafe Binding

Hi, I have some Netgear ProSafe switches in my network. I want to controll them via openhab, is there anyway to achieve this? I just want to controll the port speed, aka disable the port. So is there a binding for Netgear Prosafe switches?

It appears that Netgear does not publish an API for these devices. So you would have to reverse engineer the web traffic when you interact with it through the web admin page and recreate those HTTP calls using one or more of:

  • HTTP binding
  • sendHTTP*Request
  • shell scripts

Yes, I’am aware of that problem. I tried some things with Python and URL requests. I was able to log into my Switch via Python and read the state. It should be possible to send a request to the right page, aka {ip of switch}/switch_info.cgi with the right parameters. The UI is based on iframes, so the URLs are easy to read out. I tried making a binding, but failed horribly.

BTW. I started working on a Python Binding for Netgear, which you can use