Network binding and servicedevice in docker

i am using the official openhab 2.2 stable docker on a x64 Ubuntu host and have problems with the network binding.

My network Things are defined like this:

network:servicedevice:Fehm8083 "FHEM Dienst" @ "Technik" [ hostname="", port=8083 ]

My Items looks like this:

Switch FHEM_Online "FHEM_Online [%s]" (gNetwork)  {channel="network:servicedevice:Fehm8083:online"}

The Item “FHEM_Online” does not monitor the availabilty of the FHEM Port 8083. It only reacts to to ping state!
When the host is pingable the state is ON if not the state is OFF, no matter if the port 8083 is up or down.

Is this a problem with the docker networking in host mode or is this a problem with the missing arping in the docker container.

Perhaps my thing configuration is wrong.


@rlkoshak has plans to get arping added to the container which may fix this. See:

But does arping check the port/service?