Network Binding not finding anything

(John0wingnut) #1

New to openHAB.

Have installed the network binding, and turned on ping / dhcp sensing

gone to inbox and clicked the + button and selected network binding.

Every time, it finds no devices - any ideas??

My nest, sonos, and samsung tv bindings have all found the corresponding devices on the network, so Im slightly lost as to why the network one isnt working.

Is there any particular things I need to check?


(SiHui) #2


And if you have some spare time please read

(David Graeff) #3

I think, it is very, very much needed, that Paper UI embeds the bindings readme when clicking on the binding tab and that the addon list is not only a single line list, but a list of cards, with a brief summary / abstract on what the binding does.


This would reduce so much the amount of questions.

(Rich Koshak) #4

Maybe we need another thread like the one you posted previously asking about things to add to the core just for PaperUI. As I’ve been using it more and more to give myself a better background to help new users I have lots and lots of ideas like this for improvements. Some are minor tweaks and others are pretty significant and important.

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #5

When you click on the Binding title in Addon List, you are directed to the according documentation.

(David Graeff) #6

I know. But it is not obvious to users. And I’m trying to reduce those super simple to catch basic questions.

(AE) #7

just wanted to mention that i’m having the same issue. I’ve went through the documentation and ensured everything is configured properly. I’m running oh 2.4 on debian 8.

Adding a Network device “Thing” manually in paper ui works fine and the network binding can properly ping the device, online status works as expected. I’ve just upgraded to 2.4, so not sure if something has changed.

Can anyone else confirm that the network binding is able to discover new devices on the network and add them to the inbox in openhab 2.4?

I enabled debug on the following log items but when I initiate a network scan in paperui I don’t see anything happening. I do see the ping requests to the added network devices each x seconds which works as expected.

log:set TRACE
log:set TRACE

any suggestions for further troubleshooting. it’s not really a big issue as I can add them manually, but can check into it further.

(Rich Koshak) #8

Indeed, but often when one needs the docs is when they are configuring the binding. It would be nice to have a link to the docs from there and not just from where one installs the binding. For that matter, a link to the docs from inside the Thing config page would be useful too.

(Danny) #9

Same problem here, Linux openHABianPi 4.9.80-v7+ #1098 fresh installation, not able to find network devices with network binding.
Adding devices manually everything seems to work fine.

(David Graeff) #10

A bug that got introduced in OH 2.4. Please wait for the fix to be merged.

(Danny) #11

Thank for the reply

(Home Agecra) #12

Having the same problem. :frowning_face: I did not encounter this problem in Network Binding 2.3.0