Network Binding not finding anything

If I understood correctly, he would like to control his Fritz! Dect 200 socket with the Harmony remote control. He probably has no Hue Bridge and therefore wants to use the Hue Emulation service. See here.

It is possible to use some Smarthome buttons with Hue lamps on the remote control. I have 4 buttons defined for this. You also can create a new Action in “Harmony APP” where Hue Bulbs are used.

So, if he emulates his socket as a Switch or Lighting he could use it with Harmony remote.

But therefore you do not need neither Harmony Binding nor Network Binding.

Yes, I did see all of his posts, which are all full of complaints and no detailed explanation what is exactly wrong.
I am not willing to help if I need to crossread three posts to get an idea what his problem is.

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Hello sihui,

thanks for your help and questions. I try to achieve the following:

  1. connect to my Fritz!Dect 200 switchable power plugs through the AVM binding (working)
  2. make them availalable to my Logitech Harmony remote control through openhab: this was planned by the usage of the HUE emulation service, which emulates a HUE bridget (Logitech Harmony can connect to HUE bridges)
  3. In the HUE bridge service, publish the Fritz!Dect 200 plugs (that are connected through the AVM binding with openhab as HUE based switches/plugs
  4. in order for the HUE bridge emulation service in openhab to pick up the devices and make them available, I have to create items for them connected to the channels. those items need to have tags (I believe [ “Switchable” ]).

This is where the problems are:

Problem A: I have set up the whole thing in 2.4 and/or 2.5 through paper UI. Paper UI does not support the editing of items, so that I can create tags. Those tags are needed by the HUE emulation service to find the right items which it publishes for other consumers, such as the Logitech Harmony.

Problem B: the HUE emulation service in 2.5 (latest build from two days ago) seems to be broken, as Logitech Harmony can not connect to it (this was working in 2.4).

Kind regards

@Celaeno1: thanks for your patience and explanation. I want to do what you described.

The two open questions I am having:

  • in which version does HUE emulation service work? It seems to work fine in 2.4, but not in 2.5
  • how do I maintain the item tags needed so that the HUE emulation service can pick up the items? I have maintained the whole config in paper ui

I have not installed Harmony Binding and do not need it, as far as I have understood.

I complained about the Network Binding because when working through the very first tutorial here:

it is one of the steps that fail - when reading this the first time, I came to the (wrong) conclusion that with out the Networking Binding no devices would be found on the network.

Kind regards,

Kind regards,

I think that is the wrong approach. I’m using a similar setup and did it this way:
Use the Logitech Harmony Binding to make your remote available in openHAB:

As your DECT devices are already available in openHAB, you now should have several AVM and Logitech channels available through items and are able to use them in rules.

There is no need to use the HUE emulation.

It is possible to create the tags via the REST api.

I have never used the HUE emulation, so cannot comment on this. You may find useful information in the repo, though:✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+HueEmulation

Good luck.

Thanks - working now.

I had to use the HUE emulation from 2.4 stable, because in the latest 2.5 builds it is broken.

I also managed to define the items correclty in the .items file, thanks to a helpful example from within this community, which I used as a template.

Kind regards,

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