Network Binding not finding things

I am freshly starting to use OpenHAB and following the tutorial starting with the Network Binding. It ran for a while and found nothing. The tutorial references finding someones phone and stuff and none of that was found for me. Any idea why? Not that I want to use it but figured any server or otherwise running would return from this since it’s a ping of the subnet.



In another post someone reported the discovery did not work with 2.4; adding them manually does work. There is a fix coming in 2.5.

Thanks I must have hit openHAB at a bad moment, or hope so. Couple SNAPSHOTS failed, had to go back to the base version. Then my first basic binding isn’t working. I’d say at least I’m running virtual so can revert snapshots but hopefully this isn’t a trend. I picked OpenHAB over Home Assistant because people said the development of HA is faster but at the cost of stability. Anyway, appreciate your update.


1.8 to 2.0 was a rough update as Things were introduced.
2.0 to 2.3 fairly smooth from what I recall, was still in process of researching how to attain certain results. I did have issues with Astro not running and Nest was only reporting C vs F temps.
2.3 to 2.4 was rough if you didn’t keep up with postings, zwave for example required deleting all of your Things and re-adding them. While I don’t require mqtt at the moment it also went through some changes.

In some cases it depends entirely on what binding you are leveraging. Alternatives for the network binding would be the bluetooth binding or an OS script running to ping a bluetooth interface. If you have SNMP support on your network equipment, its also possible to pull values from SNMP for active IPs.

Can you create an issue with Issue tracker?

Issue tracker

I’m currently trying to fix Network Binding and hopefully can fix this as well (seems like I know what is wrong).

TA, K.