Network Binding: pingdevice

I use network binding with pingdevice in OH2 to check the ping results of my local network devices (router, nas, etc.). The values seem to be a little odd becuase in HABPanel, Logviewer and sitemap it get values like 11 ms or similor, pinging on the command line gives me like 0.342 ms which looks more reasonable to me.

In .sitemap i use %1s for example, i treid some other format strings but did find the right value…any ideas?

There could be many reasons. Device to device ping will always differ due to a number of reasons.

Yeah, but the main reason why I am wondering is, that there is a major difference between the cmd line ping and the pingdevice Thing. Is there any reason for that? Or any ideas on how I can debug this?
Ping on cmd never shows these high values, even if i let it run over time (no spikes, etc.) at least not that big ones…

No ideas around?