Network Binding: Wrong time for lastseen property

I am rather new to openhab and I am trying to learn as much as I can :grinning:. I going through YouTube tutorials to learn and get into it.

With the help of this tutorial (sorry: in German) I wanted to learn about the network binding. It worked pretty good and I could manage to genereate a page as it is the goal in this tutorial.

However for the lastseen pointer to my mobile phone I get a wrong time displayed. It lagged by one hour until yesterday (winter time) and since today (summer time) the lag is two hours.

Can anybody imagine the reason and how I could solve this problem?

Check if the settings for the timezone are correct in

  • Main UI => settings => regional settings => timezone
  • on your OH host in: /etc/timezone
  • on your OH host in /etc/default/openhab if in EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS something like -Duser.timezone=Europe/Berlin is set
  • in openhab-cli console you can check: env |grep -i timezone which depending on your timezone should result in something like: String user.timezone Europe/Berlin

Thanks a lot @Wolfgang_S!

In openHAB the time zone is correct. Also in the System Settings of my Synology.

I just figured out that the time zone of my docker container was not correct. I changed it using this small tutorial and now it works!

Thank you so much!

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