Network device with running service false trigger

I configured a network device with running service to look the state of my tv. When the tv is on, then there is a service available on por 55000, when tv is of the service is not available. So This is perfect for the network binding. But the state of the “online” channel sometimes falsely show that the tv is ON … when this happens i checked with telnet and the service is NOT available on port 55000. And of course the tv is off. So is this a bug in the network binding ?

What TV have you got?

Panasonic tx-l42e5e. But this shouldn’t matter?

I am asking becasue I do the same thing ofn the same port with a samsung TV

I set up the network binding
When you find things with the networks binding plenty of things will appear in your inbox
There will be several with the same IP (Your TVs) on different ports

Choose the thing with NO port number showing as pingable network device and link your switch to that channel

This will not work since my tv is pingable when off.

Then your TV is not off really is it?
Have you tried other ports?
Does the TV exposes ports 80 or 23 or 8080?

The problem is that the binding is showing online status when the service it should monitor is OFF. I checked this with telnet. When the tv is on, i can connect to the tv ip on the port 55000. When the tv is off, i cannot connect to the tv ip on port 55000. This way i know that i can use port 55000 for checking if the tv is off. The binding should not show online status when i cannot telnet to the configured service. Do my assumptions are correct?

Have you tried the network health binding?

It’s a V1.x binding.
Read the docs carefully
You can assign a specific with this binding

I’m using network binding in version 2.2 and I think that there was a bug in this version which was fixed in 2.3 version: