Network devices

I am using the network binding to detect if I am home or not:

Switch Presence_Mobile_John "Johns Mobile" <network> { channel="network:device:192_168_1_103:online" }

However the router I have can not assign fixed IP, so the IP changes, can I use the MAC address instead somehow? Or use the bluetooth on RPI?

you could try using the hostname of the device (phone) if your router assigns it. The OH2 network binding should support this, check this

You can set a static IP in the networking settings on your phone. Assuming you choose an IP that isn’t already assigned to something else on your network you should be fine. The router will usually remember that your phone has claimed that IP address and not assign it out when your phone is not there so you won’t run into conflicts with that.

I used this approach for many years until I ended up flashing dd-wrt on my router which let me set a static IP table in the router itself.