Network Health - Troubleshooting

Looking for some tips troubleshooting the 1.x network health binding in openhab2

Can’t seem to get things to stay online.
I have network cameras.
They have items defined.

Prior to upgrading last week(I’m on last Monday’s nightly build) and swapping out to different hardware, the binding worked fine with my items.

Now, i see them rarely go “online”. I looked at the log file, i see nothing with respect to the binding or those items.

Unsure where to start.

Update: Did some more troubleshooting. Unsure what is going on even more.
From a windows machine, I can’t ping the names either; just IPs.
I’ve always used the names in network health.
My router has DDWRT and i statically assign an IP/host name in the router.

I’ve always been able to reach these by name in the binding.
Never really tried pinging it before from windows as there wasn’t a need to. It’s just always worked.

Do maybe its DDWRT on the router? I haven’t changed anything on the router. Not sure why all of a sudden it would stop.


Figured this out…i updated to ubuntu 17 by accident…apparently they changed the DNS resolution mechanism in that version. I reverted the snapshot and it fixed it.

New features in 17.04
For other changes since 16.04 LTS, see the 16.10 Release Notes.
The default DNS resolver is now systemd-resolved.

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