Network:pingdevice, change colors if is OK or NOT OK

Hi rossko57
resolved with item testHTTP for sitemap. I removed it form sitemap, and all work fine

Thanks so much for your help

Hi all
I upgraded my openhab to 3.2.0, and some items doesn’t work.
For example the item of this post.
I created new item for this. I used a bash script to take my value

String EsternoGY21 “[%s C/U]” {channel=“exec:command:RifSensEsternoGY21:output”}

Ho can I do now?
Previous solution doesn’t work now

Thanks a lot

“doesn’t work” is not helpful.
You’ll have to explain more what “previous solution” is? Network:pingdevice?
You’ll have to explain more what “new Item” does? Is your bash script not working, what happens to the Item? What are you expecting to happen?