Network Security Key

I am not sure if it’s the right place for this question.
Presently I am using the Fibaro HC2. But now I want to change to OH2 as it seems to be the much better system. I have a lot of items/things in operation and I want to avoid to exclude all of them first with the HC2 and then to include them again with OH2. The most of them are behind a wallplug and the access is rather bad. I used the openHABian hassle-free RPi image and in the controller setings I found a

Network Security Key

Do there exist the possibility to hand over the existing HC2 Network to the OH2 station?

AFAIK this possibility doesn’t exist, sorry. With the network key you can backup an existing zwave environment (e. g. from an AeonLabs zwave USB stick) and move it over to a new, but same system (= a new AEON stick). But not between two different systems.

Right now - no.

Soon - probably.

At the moment, the security classes aren’t in the OH2 binding, and it may be a little while before they are in the mainstream binding. However, I have this working well here and should make a version available for testing soon (some people are already testing it actually). Once this is available, then so long as you know the network key used in the HC2, then I would assume you can configure OH2 to use the same key and your devices should work without having to exclude them and re-include them.

I’m not 100% sure of course, but I think it should be ok.

But how would the new stick get the node data from the HC2?

I was assuming that both the HC2 and the OH2 sticks are on the same network (ie OH2 is a secondary controller). Otherwise you’re right, the question of exchanging the key is irrelevant if the nodes aren’t even on the network…

Thanks for the information. Probably I’m to early. But I think it will be a problem to find this key in the HC2.