Network UPS Tool

I want to connect my Riello SDL 3300 UPS and netman 204 UPNP Card with Network UPS Tool to my openHAB. But i only get the message “ Connection refused (Connection refused)” System openHAB 3.1.0 on Raspberry Pi 3B. I gave admin and password from the ups at the configuration but it doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s in case of the Trap receiver i can configure at the ups.
Get community Set community Trap community there i can give 3 Passwords

Did you check if network ups tools are working correct? Does it read your UPS state ?
Please post your NUT config and the Thing config in openHAB.

No, it reads nothing. Where i can find the files NUT and Thing config. In /etc, /etc/openhab and /etc/openhab-cli i couldn’t find souch files

NUT = Network Ups Tools
Did you properly install NUT and configure it to connect to your UPS ?

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OK nut was not installed. Now i installed it, and i can find it’s example config files. The UPS speaks SNMP not UPNP how i wrote at the begin of this Thread. I’ll try to configure it tomorrow

Now i made some changes in upsmon.conf

Network UPS Tools: example upsmon configuration

This file contains passwords, so keep it secure.



By default, upsmon splits into two processes. One stays as root and

waits to run the SHUTDOWNCMD. The other one switches to another userid

and does everything else.

The default nonprivileged user is set at compile-time with

‘configure --with-user=…’.

You can override it with '-u ’ when starting upsmon, or just

define it here for convenience.

Note: if you plan to use the reload feature, this file (upsmon.conf)

must be readable by this user! Since it contains passwords, DO NOT

make it world-readable. Also, do not make it writable by the upsmon

user, since it creates an opportunity for an attack by changing the

SHUTDOWNCMD to something malicious.

For best results, you should create a new normal user like “nutmon”,

and make it a member of a “nut” group or similar. Then specify it

here and grant read access to the upsmon.conf for that group.

This user should not have write access to upsmon.conf.



MONITOR (“master”|“slave”)

MONITOR admin passwd master

I think it’s very complicated to get running this

Posting in giant bold text makes it a little difficult to read and help you. :wink:

Do you need the Netman 204 and trap receiver? Or do you just want to connect the SDL 3300 to your RPi? NUT setup is fairly straightforward if you connect the RPi and UPS directly (per the guide above), but it sounds like you’ve got some complicating factors.

Sorry, i copied it from the console. I only want monitoring the UPS. But i have it to connect it over Network because it stands in the garage with the batteries. It’s not only for the computers. The rollershutters, some lights, the freezer/ fridge, the garage doors, and others are also supported.

If you’re having problems getting your RPi to connect to the UPS at all, then you probably need to look in a NUT forum for help. The openHAB part is easy once it’s connected, but we aren’t experts in NUT. Without knowing exactly how your hardware all talks to each other over the network, we’d just be guessing at solutions (unless someone has a very similar setup).

If your SDL 3300’s USB port is free (I don’t know how the Netman connects to it), you could move your openHAB RPi to the garage so that you can directly connect it. All that matters is that it can connect to your WiFi network.

Alternatively, buy a second RPi to put next to the UPS (and connect via USB). Then use the Remote openHAB Binding to connect to it. That seems a little overkill, though.