Network:pingdevice:iphone:lastseen - is there a way to force system ping rather than Java ping?

Hi -

for a specific use case I would like to have “lastseen” provide the time and date when an iOS device has actually been used.

The system ping on a raspberry PI (Debian) seems to do exactly that - it gets the replys if the device is actively in use.

The network binding has a lot of amazing “intelligence” built in, like the bonjour ping etc

Is there a setting or parameter to force that the system ping is being used rather than the Java ping?

I tried various settings in the thing configuration and also in the network binding parameters/network.cfg.

Maybe there is a way to use presence_detection_type to achieve my desired result? Couldn’t find any documentation around how to change this

My (many) unsuccessful attempts included a combination of the following settings:
changed ports (port=xx)

Grateful for any suggestions!!

My understanding is the “Allow System Pings” option in the binding config causes the binding to use the system ping command instead of the Java ping command.

That’s what the comment in PaperUI says it does. The docs indicate the same:

allowSystemPings: Use the external ICMP ping program of the operating system instead of the Java ping. Useful if the devices cannot be reached by Java ping. Default is true.

Thank you very much Rich!

I believe it doesn’t use it instead, it tries the Java ping first and if that isn’t successful it will try the system ping …

The thing properties showed in my case always “Java ping”.

icmp_state Java ping