New 2020 Samsung Tv and Samsung Binding

I just purchased a new Samsung Tv (2020 model) and was looking forward to utilizing the Samsung Tv binding. I have installed the binding and it auto discovers a different a Samsung but not my new one. I have manually entered the IP address of the new Tv along with its MAC address but the thing never comes online. It remains in UNKNOWN status.

I also noticed that all of my Sonos devices were knocked offline. I have since removed the Samsung binding and my Sonos devices seem to have come back

Am I missing something here? Any suggestions?

Squid :squid:

This defect could be relevant.

However, I think it’s also very likely a 2020 TV is too new to be supported by the existing binding.

Just curious, did you ever get it to work? I have 2020 Frame now and I am struggling with getting it connected