New Android App-first impression

Got the new updated Android app. Pretty satified with it.
One great thing is that it now abbreviates the item names in the display if the output is too long. Also the Chart graphics have improved.
Also the Setpoint has drastically changed, sleek, very sleek

I did notice that after flipping a switch, the screen sometimes briefly flickers, perhaps a consequence of the screen update. Had never seen that in the previous version.

One odd thing surprised me… after updating the logon credentials for myopenhab were now under local server settings and reverse.

Only ‘problem’ It sometimes has problems recognizing it is ‘remote’ and hardheadedly tries to find my local openhab in a remote LAN. Workaround: remove local server settings

Anyway, quite happy with it. Job well done guys


WORST THING EVER!! They broke one of the best features and that was hardware volume keys could be used to change dimmer values on the first dimming capable switch in each room of the sitemap. Made it really easy to get a light down to 10% without fat fingering the actual slider. Seriously, I HATE the new app now. And the icon is very similar to my OpenVPN icon so I keep tapping the wrong one. And connectivity is way touchier than before. I feel like a crippled iOS user now.

I didnt even know that abt the hardware volume knobs so I didnt miss that :slight_smile:

@notanatheist instead of whining over the forum you’re free to improve it.
Make it better. See Contributing guidelines.


It WAS better. Maybe I’ll hunt down the previous APK. And yes, linking my other thread about OH2 sucking is so appropriate. It still sucks but it has gotten better. Everyone is allowed an opinion and I don’t sugar coat mine.

In case anyone wants what I consider the better version.

If it’s that bad, get the old. If you don’t like the icon, get a custom launcher that supports custom icons. Did that with the old app to get the new logo before this new release. Whining won’t get you very far


Haven’t used the app now.

But back in the days of homematic there was an exciting concept.

Always liked that idea although the app was never released.
Maybe this can be an idea for future design.
I liked the modern design with pictures of rooms.

Would love to create some ideas with you.