New Android App: Multi-Line item text?

Since updating to the new Android app V 2.0 from 17.12.2017, I have a problem with multi-line items.
Before, I could use something like

Switch    Wall_Plug               "Schaltbare Steckdose1 \n(Wohnzimmer) [%s]"
Number    Shutter1_Power          "Rollo Küchentür \nLeistung [%.1f W]"

And it showed in 2 lines in the Android App (but 1 line in Basic and Classic UI).
Now this is always 1 line, eventually cutting it and showing “…”, making items hard to differentiate.

How can I name items so that the whole text is shown?

Please check if the issue was submitted here already. If not, it would be worth to create an issue.
I think @mueller-ma was involved in that enhancement.


I think it was this issue:

But anyhow, I am not sure if the \n syntax is fully supported - it worked until now, but is not documented here.
Or, how do I generate multi-line item text?

HI Micha -
You are linking to the PR (code change) that may or may not have caused what may or may not be a defect. (I am not sure it was every supported or it just worked). But if you think it is a defect (doesn’t work now) then i would recommend you open a new issue at the link from @kubawolanin above so that the team who works on the app can be aware and further discussion can take place on if it should be supported.


Further research showed that in the WebUIs, the \n is simply skipped and does not lead to multiline items either.


Opened an ESH feature request: