New Aqara gateway that works with Homekit compatibility

Does the current Xaiomi binding works with the new Aqara gateway that works with Homekit?

You got a link or model number?

This is the model I’m considering

Ah okay, I must have the model before that one… I’m not sure if the new one will work…

I got the new Aqara homekit enabled gateway a week ago and i have not found a way to enable local lan nor to get the password of it yet.

The new gateway doesn’t work with the Xiaomi MI mobile app any longer, instead it got its own new Aqara app which doesn’t offer a possibility to get the necessary information.

@Maody thats not true. If u set ur location to China Mainland, then u can connect it to the Mi Home App.

Did anyone finde a solution for connection with openhab? In the Mi Home App there is no setup point called “about” to get the key.


Xiaomi must have changed it recently. At the time i wrote this post, the Mi App was not able to recognize the Homekit Aqara hub. Now it shows it in the list. I got aware of this a few days ago as well.

But i think it is still not possible to enable LAN funcions and get the key of it.

Look here and scroll down to the questions of Didier3L. An Xiaomi Admin answered him, that the new Hub does not support LAN.