New Binding: Amazon Echo

I also have items defined like this:

Switch foyer "Foyer" <light> ["Lighting"] {insteonplm="xx.xx.xx:F00.00.02#switch"}

Just to chime in here, I have just got this up and running in the last few days. I also was having a terrible time getting the tags to work in my Items files. Specifically in my insteon.items file (which has most of my light in it), the insteon binding would not start correctly, if I had just one tag in it.

I finally gave up on adding tags to existing items files, and created a new items file specifically for Alexa/Homekit. This has the advantage that I can customize the label to make a better sounding voice command. This does have the drawback that I need to also create a rules file, to contain one rule for each Alexa/Homekit item. I’m only using it for Alexa at the moment, as Siri is a bit more complicated.

An advantage of this is that I can customize exactly what each voice command does - so I can trigger sequences etc. For example, when I say “Alexa, TV Lights ON”, the TV lights are actually only set to 10%, as that is my normal “ON” setting. I can say “Alexa, TV Lights to 50%” and they do switch to 50%, I’m just intercepting 100% and changing it to 10% in the rule.

It does make for a maintenance nightmare, and a lot of duplicated rules. nearly all of them look like this (2 rules one to send to the item, one to receive updates from the item):

rule "Homekit diningLight_HK"
    Item diningLight_HK received command
    logDebug("HomeKit", "diningLight_HK received command " + receivedCommand)
	sendCommand(diningLight, receivedCommand)

rule "Homekit diningLight"
    Item diningLight changed
    postUpdate(diningLight_HK, diningLight.state)

I have played about with groups, to try to reduce this to one rule for all homekit items (with exceptions), but openhab1/2 has no way to get an item from a string - so that stumps me every time. Currently this works well with both lighting and switches, plus custom items (I have a switch that turns the TV and cable box on/off - which is more complicated than it sounds as the TV can only be turned on via IR, and the cable box is only ir and doesn’t have an on/off command - just toggle).

I have 44 items working this way currently (so yes I have 88 rules, that nearly all do the same thing). I know Alexa has no way to get feedback from an item (ie Alexa, is the TV on?) via the smarthome interface, but in the future I’m hoping to implement a custom Skill that will allow this, just… one step at a time.

I’m also having trouble with finding the right phrases to use. ON/OFF works, set X to Y works, but this link claims that there are a lot more commands that should work. The only one I can get to work is “run”. So to lock the front door I have to say “Alexa, turn the front door ON”, as “Alexa, lock the front door” does not. Any suggestions? maybe it’s my voice?

If anyone has any suggestions on how to simplify this, I am open to improvements. I’m currently running OH2 build 570 (not upgrading at the moment as the debian nightly builds were broken for while).


I’m getting a very strange problem with this…

I’m using OH2 with an Echo and KNX binding, and I’ve just started trying Eclipse Smarthome designer to validate config files.

Here’s an example of some lighting items in my .items file:

Switch Light_GF_Kitchen_LED 	"LED"    (Kitchen, Lights) [ "Lighting" ]    {knx="1/1/18+<1/2/18"}  
Switch Light_GF_Kitchen_Island 	"Island" (Kitchen, Lights) [ "Lighting" ]    {knx="1/1/19+<1/2/19"}   
Switch Light_GF_Lounge_Side     "Lounge" (Living,Lights)   [ "Lighting" ]    {knx="1/1/13+<1/2/13"}

I’ve only just got this working by moving where the [“Lighting”] tag is placed! ie, putting it after the group names and before the knx settings.

Previously I had the tag just before the group names as below:

Switch Light_GF_Kitchen_LED 	"LED"   [ "Lighting" ]   (Kitchen, Lights)   {knx="1/1/18+<1/2/18"}  
Switch Light_GF_Kitchen_Island 	"Island"  [ "Lighting" ]  (Kitchen, Lights)   {knx="1/1/19+<1/2/19"}   
Switch Light_GF_Lounge_Side     "Lounge"  [ "Lighting" ]  (Living,Lights)    {knx="1/1/13+<1/2/13"}

But this was not working. It’ seemed to implement the first item “LED”, then ignore all the other switches - not just in the Echo, but on the basic UI too.

Opening the .items file in Eclipse Smarthome designer showed an error on the first ( just before ‘Kitchen’ in the first line when i have the tag before the group names.

Really odd. Is this a known issue, do you need to be very specific where you put the tag, or is there something I’m getting wrong in my items file?


I think that you do need to be specific about where you put the tag, just before the binding seems to be the best place. Having said that, I have some items files where the tags just stop things working. There is definitely something wrong with the way the tags work. That’s why I put them in their own items file, with no bindings.

Ah, so you add the tag in a separate file - that’s a neat idea.

Yes, you need to be very specific in the order that you define the parameters of your items. It HAS to be:

ItemType item_id "itemName" <icon> (group) ["tag"] {binding}

Real example:

Switch bedroom_fan "Bedroom Fan" <light> (gBedroom) ["Switchable"] {insteonplm="xx.xx.xx:F00.00.02#switch"}

If you put the item parameters in ANY other order, openhab will silently fail, and moreover, any items defined after that item in that same items file will be ignored. At the very least, the error is not reported with the default log settings.

This is touched on in the wiki, but that needs an update. It does not cover square bracket [“tags”] for HK/HE - in fact it uses square brackets to denote “optional” items which is just confusing. Also it does not mention the fact that this syntax is strictly enforced.


@Nicholas_Waterton, I am running OH2 build 576 and I have no trouble controlling insteon devices through Alexa using this binding. I use the syntax order defined in my previous post. Does alexa still not see your items if you use that exact syntax? If you’d like to try to get it working and ditch the rules, you could post an example for us to look at. You might also try some of the commands I posted earlier. Running smarthome:items clear and smarthome:links clear from the OSGI console (then restarting OH) is pretty safe and seems to clear up some problems in my experience.

Regarding this:

I didn’t write the binding, but from what I can tell by inspecting the output and looking at the source, the binding seems to identify everything as a simple dimmable light to Alexa. I don’t see a way for the binding to support anything other than ON/OFF/Level commands right now. I use a similar workaround for my XBMC binding (“Alexa, turn on Play”, “Alexa, turn on Stop”).



I’ts not that Alexa doesn’t see the items, the Insteon binding doesn’t start up properly if I have even one tag defined, and according to the syntax you mention. It may be something to do with my insteon items file, as I have a lot of insteon items.

Also, having all the Alexa/homekit items in one file does make it easier to manage. I’m working on simplifying the rules using a (homekit) group. It does work well with the myriad of rules though.

The thing with ON/OFF or LOCK/UNLOCK is more to do with Alexa than the binding. Alexa is supposed to recognize certain things as synonyms for ON/OFF (like LOCk/UNLOCK, OPEN/CLOSE), but she doesn’t. The only one I have had work is “Run” which is the same as “Turn ON”. So for instance I can say “Alexa, Run Bedtime”, and my bedtime switch is toggled ON - which starts my “shutdown at bedtime” rule.

I was wondering if anyone know if this is a real thing, future thing, rumor or what. As I said, this claims that they work:

Just to update everyone, I have successfully reduced my large number of rules down to two (well three, I have an initialization rule also)…

So I now have one items file with all Homekit tags in it, and crafted labeling to work with speech, and one rules file with three rules in it for managing the translation from Alexa to items. I’m not sure if this works with Siri also, as that’s a bit more complicated (but it should, my initial Siri tests were successful) - and I have been focusing on Alexa. Still not totally sure about Thermostat control, but I have a Nest thermostat, and using the built in Nest smarthome controls for Alexa works just fine. I can set the temperature just by saying “Alexa, set the temperature to x”, but it’s not very accurate, always off by a degree or two. Using The Thermostat control Skill is a lot more accurate, and all I have to say is “Alexa, tell the Thermostat to set the temperature to x”, which works as well, and you get feedback as to whether the temperature was set correctly or not (and you can ask for the settings, humidity etc.).

The only caveat with this set up, is that all controlled items have to be part of a group which ultimately is a subgroup (of a subgroup … etc) of a group called “All” (you can call it what you like, but I use All). ie you can’t control an item which is not in a group at all, or is in an isolated group which isn’t linked into the hierarchy (unless that’s the name you use in the initialization rule). I had to add a group to a couple of dummy switches which didn’t have them, but my system is set up this way anyway, so not an issue for me.

This is my Items file:

/* Kludge for homekit/Alexa for OH V1 items Items, as can't add tags to items directly 
   Only include items for homekit/Alexa to control here
   Duplicated from various.items - give meaningful names for Alexa though!
   Note: two items defined in Hue.items

Group homekit "Homekit Items [%s]" <house> (All)

Group Nest_Thermostat "Nest Thermostat Status" <climate> (All) ["Thermostat"]

/* Insteon items */
/* oddities */
Dimmer  christmasTree_HK            "Christmas Tree [%d%%]"      <christmas_tree>   (homekit)            ["Lighting"]      
/* Porch */
Switch  frontgardenPower_HK         "Front Power [%s]"           <poweroutlet>      (homekit)            ["Switchable"]  
Dimmer porchLightKuna_HK            "Porch [%d%%]"                                  (homekit)            ["Lighting"]     
Dimmer drivewayLightKuna_HK         "Driveway [%d%%]"                               (homekit)            ["Lighting"]  

/* Basement */
Switch  basementFluorescents_HK     "Basement Main[%s]"                             (homekit)            ["Lighting"]    
Dimmer  workshopBulb_HK             "Workshop[%d%%]"                                (homekit)            ["Lighting"]
Switch  workbenchLight_HK           "Workbench [%s]"                                (homekit)            ["Lighting"]
Dimmer  frontBulb_HK                "Basement Front [%d%%]"                         (homekit)            ["Lighting"]
Dimmer  backBulb_HK                 "Basement Back [%d%%]"                          (homekit)            ["Lighting"]
Dimmer  laundryBulb_HK              "Laundry [%d%%]"                                (homekit)            ["Lighting"]
Dimmer  basementEntry_HK            "Basement Stairs [%d%%]"                        (homekit)            ["Lighting"]
Switch  basementOutlet_HK           "LED Controller Power [%s]"  <poweroutlet>      (homekit)            ["Switchable"]

/* Ground Floor */
/* Hallway */
//Dimmer  porchLight_HK               "Porch[%d%%]"                                   (homekit)       ["Lighting"]
Dimmer  hallwayLight_HK             "Hallway [%d%%]"                                (homekit)       ["Lighting"]  
/* Washroom */
Dimmer  washroomLight_HK            "Washroom [%d%%]"                               (homekit)       ["Lighting"] 
/* Kitchen */
Dimmer  kitchenPendants_HK          "Pendants [%d%%]"                               (homekit)       ["Lighting"]          
Dimmer  kitchenUCLED_HK             "Kitchen Cabinet [%d%%]"                        (homekit)       ["Lighting"]     
Dimmer  kitchenPots_HK              "Kitchen Pots [%d%%]"                           (homekit)       ["Lighting"]     
/* Kitchen Dining Room */
Dimmer  diningPots_HK               "Dining Pots [%d%%]"                            (homekit)       ["Lighting"]      
/* Family Room */
Dimmer  familyMain_HK               "Main[%d%%]"                                    (homekit)       ["Lighting"]       
Dimmer  familyLamp_HK               "Lamp [%d%%]"                                   (homekit)       ["Lighting"]     
Switch  fireplace_HK                "Fireplace"                   <fireplace>       (homekit)       ["Switchable"]
/* Living Room */
Dimmer  livingLight_HK              "Living Room [%d%%]"                            (homekit)       ["Lighting"]         
/* Dining room */
Dimmer  diningLight_HK              "Dining Room [%d%%]"                            (homekit)       ["Lighting"]
/* First Floor */
/* landing */
Dimmer  landingMain_HK              "Landing [%d%%]"                                (homekit)       ["Lighting"] 
/* Main Bathroom */
Dimmer  bathroomLight_HK            "Bathroom [%d%%]"                               (homekit)       ["Lighting"]
/* Master Bedroom */
//Dimmer  masterBRDimmer_HK           "Bedroom Light [%d%%]"                          (homekit)       ["Lighting"]      
/* en-suite */
Dimmer  ensuiteLight_HK             "EnSuite [%d%%]"                                (homekit)       ["Lighting"]
/* Back garden */
//Dimmer  gardenLight_HK              "Garden [%d%%]"                                (homekit)        ["Lighting"]  
Dimmer  gardenLightKuna_HK          "Garden [%d%%]"                                (homekit)        ["Lighting"]            
Switch  gardenPower_HK              "Fountain [%s]"               <poweroutlet>    (homekit)        ["Switchable"]

/* Zwave items */
Switch basementHeater_HK            "Basement Heater [%s]"        <poweroutlet>     (homekit)       ["Switchable"]
Dimmer RGBWControllerW_HK           "TV Lights [%d%%]"                              (homekit)       ["Lighting"]
Switch exhaustFanLightSwitch_HK     "Range Hood[%s]"              <range_hood>      (homekit)       ["Switchable"]

/* Http Items */
Switch bedtime_setting_HK           "Bedtime [%s]"                <bedroom>                         ["Switchable"]
Switch activate_movie_mode_HK       "Movie Time [%s]"             <television>                      ["Switchable"]

/* Nest Items */
String dining_room_hvac_mode_HK              "Mode [MAP(homekit):%s]"            <climate>                 ["homekit:HeatingCoolingMode"]
Number dining_room_ambient_temperature_c_HK  "Temperature [%.1f °C]"             <temperature>             ["CurrentTemperature"]
Number dining_room_humidity_HK               "Humidity [%d %%]" <humidity>                                 ["CurrentHumidity"]
Number dining_room_target_temperature_c_HK   "Temperature [%.1f °C]"             <temperature>             ["TargetTemperature"]
/* mios items */
Switch frontDoorLock_HK              "Front Door [%s]"              <lock>           (homekit)      ["Switchable"]

/* GCIR100 items */
Switch TVPVR_Power_HK                "TV"                           <television>     (homekit)      ["Switchable"]

/* mqtt items */
Switch DIRECTsequence_HK             "Fence"                        <terrace>        (homekit)      ["Switchable"]

/* Samsung TV Items */
Switch  Skype_Answer_HK            "Skype [%s]"                    <television>       (homekit)   ["Switchable"]
Dimmer  TV_Volume_HK               "Television Sound [%s]"         <soundvolume>      (homekit)   ["Lighting"] 

And this is my rules file:

/* Homekit/Alexa Rules to work around insteon/items problem */

import java.util.HashMap
import java.util.Map
import java.util.concurrent.locks.Lock
import java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock

var ReentrantLock HomekitLock = new ReentrantLock(false)

var Map <String, Object> HomekitStates = newHashMap
var Map <GenericItem, Object> ItemStates = newHashMap
var Map <String, GenericItem> ItemObjects = newHashMap

rule "Initialize Homekit Items"
    System started
    logDebug("HomeKit","Initializing Homekit Items")
    homekit?.members.forEach[i | 
        HomekitStates.put(, i.state)
        var realitem_name ="_HK").get(0)
        //NOTE: for this to work, all (real) items controlled via homekit must be part of a group that is a subgroup (ultimately) of All
        var realitem = All?.allMembers.filter[ i | == realitem_name].head as GenericItem
        if(realitem != null) {
            ItemStates.put(realitem, realitem.state)
            ItemObjects.put(, realitem)
    logDebug("HomeKit","Initializing Homekit Items Complete")

rule "Homekit Item Changed"
    Item homekit received update
    logDebug("HomeKit","Homekit Item received update")
    //logDebug("HomeKit", "HomekitStates contains: " + HomekitStates)

    homekit?.members.forEach[ i | 
        var prevstate = HomekitStates.get(   //get previous state
        //logDebug("HomeKit", "Checking Item: " + + " prev state: " + prevstate + " curr state: " + i.state)
        if(prevstate != i.state) {  //if previous state != current state
            logDebug("HomeKit", "FOUND!!!! Item: " + + " changed from " + prevstate + " to " + i.state)
            HomekitStates.put(, i.state)               //update state MAP
            var realitem ="_HK").get(0)        //get realitem name
            var realItemObject = ItemObjects.get(realitem)   //get realitem object
            if(realItemObject == null) logDebug("HomeKit", "real item: " + realitem + " Not found in a Group!")
            if(realItemObject.state != i.state) {
                var command = i.state.toString  //command to send
                var commanditem = realitem      //item to send it to
                switch(realitem) {
                    case "DIRECTsequence"   :   if(i.state == ON) 
                                                   command = "8"
                                                   command = "2"
                    case "Skype_Answer"     :   if(i.state == ON)
                                                    command = "KEY_ENTER"   //send enter to answer SKYPE
                                                    command = "KEY_EXIT"    //send exit to hang up
                    case "RGBWControllerW"  :   if(i.state == 100)
                                                    command = "10"  //set to 10% with ON command
                    case "TV_Volume"        :   if(i.state == 0) {
                                                   commanditem = "TV_Mute"
                                                   command = "ON"
                                                else if (i.state = 100) {
                                                   commanditem = "TV_Mute"
                                                   command = "OFF"
                sendCommand(commanditem, command)
                logDebug("HomeKit", "Sent Command to realitem: " + commanditem + " to " + command)
            else logDebug("HomeKit", "current state of: " + realitem + " is " + realItemObject.state + " so not sending command")
    //logDebug("HomeKit","End of Homekit Item Received Update rule")

rule "Real Item Changed"
    Item christmasTree changed or
    Item frontgardenPower changed or
    Item porchLightKuna changed or
    Item drivewayLightKuna changed or
    Item basementFluorescents changed or
    Item workshopBulb changed or
    Item workbenchLight changed or
    Item frontBulb changed or
    Item backBulb changed or
    Item laundryBulb changed or
    Item basementEntry changed or
    Item basementOutlet changed or
    Item hallwayLight changed or
    Item washroomLight changed or
    Item kitchenPendants changed or
    Item kitchenUCLED changed or
    Item kitchenPots changed or
    Item diningPots changed or
    Item familyMain changed or
    Item familyLamp changed or
    Item fireplace changed or
    Item livingLight changed or
    Item diningLight changed or
    Item landingMain changed or
    Item bathroomLight changed or
    Item ensuiteLight changed or
    Item gardenLightKuna changed or
    Item gardenPower changed or
    Item basementHeater changed or
    Item RGBWControllerW changed or
    Item exhaustFanLightSwitch changed or
    Item bedtime_setting changed or
    Item activate_movie_mode changed or
    Item dining_room_ambient_temperature_c changed or
    Item dining_room_humidity changed or
    Item dining_room_target_temperature_c changed or
    Item frontDoorLock changed or
    Item TVPVR_Power changed or
    Item DIRECTsequence changed or
    Item TV_Volume changed or
    Item TV_Mute changed or
    logDebug("HomeKit", "Real Item changed Rule")
    //logDebug("HomeKit", "ItemStates contains: " + ItemStates)
    ItemStates.forEach[ i, s | 
        //logDebug("HomeKit", "Checking Item: " + i + " prev state: " + s + " curr state: " + i.state)
        if(s != i.state) {  //if previous state != current state
            var realitem = i.toString.split(" ").get(0)  //get real item name
            logDebug("HomeKit", "FOUND!!!! Updated Item: " + realitem + " changed from " + s + " to " + i.state)
            ItemStates.put(i, i.state)              //update state MAP
            var homekititem = realitem + "_HK"      //make homekite item name
            var homekitstate = HomekitStates.get(homekititem)   //get homekit item state from MAP (NULL on startup)
            if(homekitstate!=i.state) { //if previous state != current state
                var update = i.state.toString
                switch(homekititem) {
                    case "DIRECTsequence_HK" :  if(i.state > 2) 
                                                   update = "ON"
                                                   update = "OFF"
                postUpdate(homekititem, update) 
                logDebug("HomeKit", "Post Updated homekititem: " + homekititem + " to " + update)
            else logDebug("HomeKit", "current state of: " + homekititem + " is: " + homekitstate + " so not updating")
    //logDebug("HomeKit","End of Real Item Changed rule")

@digitaldan I have read through this thread carefully I think, and it says that you should install the hue emulation with the paper UI, however I can not find it, so should i use this link instead?

Found it, its not under binding, but misc! However alexa does not find any devices, my item is defined like this:

Switch Light_Module1 "Module 1" (Group_LivingRoom,Lights,Group_LightLogging) ["he:Module 1"] {gpio="pin:12"}

So I think it might be due to the fact the rpi is connected by cables while all the alexas are connected by wifi, hence on not on same network. Is this the case?

It doesn’t matter how you connect devices, wireless and cabled clients end up in the same broadcast domain.
Did your rpi connected to the same wifi router as your echo?
Did you restarted hue emulation service or OH2 after you’ve added the item mark?
Did you ask Alexa to search for the new devices?

@sasha_jpr I got it working! I had to type in the IP of the router which rpi were connected to, I also rewrote the item to this: Switch Light_Module1 "Module 1" (Group_LivingRoom,Lights,Group_LightLogging) [ "Lighting" ] {gpio="pin:12"} //Relay 16

Now that works fine, except that alexe has problem with labels XXXX 1 and so on, is there a way I can have synonym labels, like Switch Light_Module1 ["Module 1", "Module east"] ?

A tip for everyone who uses scenes are to create a new switch for each scene:

Number Scene_General "Scene" <sofa>
Switch Scene_General_Reading "Reading" [ "Lighting" ]
Switch Scene_General_Dinner "Dinner" [ "Lighting" ]
Switch Scene_General_Tv "Tv" [ "Lighting" ]
Switch Scene_General_Off "Lights Off" [ "Lighting" ]

Then a new rule which triggers the old rule:

rule "Activate Scene Reading HUE"
	Item Scene_General_Reading received command ON
		sendCommand(Scene_General ,3)

rule "Activate Scene Reading"
	Item Scene_General received command 3
		sendCommand(Light_Module1, OFF)
		sendCommand(Light_Module2, OFF)
		sendCommand(Light_Module3, ON)
		sendCommand(Light_Module4, ON)
		sendCommand(Light_Hallway, OFF)
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Binding installed
Pairing enabled
The following items created: (all examples others have posted or from wiki)
Switch HueLight “HueLight1” (gGF) [“Switchable”] {rfxcom=">F.4:LIGHTING1.X10:Command"}
Switch Hallway “Hallway Lights” [ “Switchable” ]
Switch testswitch “test switch” [“homekit:Test Switch”]
Switch bedroom_fan “Bedroom Fan” (gBedroom) [“Switchable”]

Alexa doesnt find any items
ive cleared smarthome:items and links, both had many instances
Alexa still doesnt find anything

i have a little less hair than 6 hours ago :slight_smile:

any ideas??

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Just a question as to why not combine the rules and use an if statement to filter the scenes? Im not meaning to degrade how you’ve written the rules, just making a suggestion.

Gladly following your learning curve. I have had the same experience.
Another thread suggested to unplug any hue controllers (not sure if you have one, but it looks like you might) as they broadcast on the same protocol and have alexa go into discovery again…still my alexa does not find anything from OH2 (it does find find all items from the hue bridge though) any which way I try…
Anyway, hope you can find a solution!

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For the people having issues, what exact version and build number of OH are you using, what operating system, and how did you install? FYI, I’m running OH 2.0.0 build 692 on a Raspberry Pi installed through apt, and the Hue emulation is working well with my Echo Dots.

Is there any chance a firewall is blocking the broadcast? I believe, although I am totally not sure here, that you would need to have UDP port 1900 open.

If you believe there is no firewall problem, are you able to access the following page from a web browser


So, something like this:


That should give you JSON output of all the properly tagged devices on your system. I believe this list is what Alexa uses to enumerate your devices, so if this page is inaccessible or blank, that would be a red flag.

Hi Anthony, I’m running OH2, not sure of the build number, where do i find that? I’m running on Windows10.

When i started diagnosing the problem tonight I suspected a network issue, however after checking my router config and Windows firewall, I realised I hadn’t enabled debug logging on the HueEmulation binding. Once debug was enabled, I could see that OH2 was receiving the broadcast from Alexa, but I couldn’t see any response.
I then installed a fresh ‘demo’ build, with a single live item from my z-wave network. I can now discover devices! This felt like a eureka moment :slight_smile:

I cannot however control the device from Alexa, She says ok when I give the command, and this is what I see in the log:
2017-01-05 21:50:49.821 [DEBUG] [ulation.internal.HueEmulationServlet] - PUT /api/M28c1N9nNRvd12tXZPfBcSyQ58Geu1zb0tf1UUQ/lights/Light_GF_Kitchen_Plinth_Oven/state
2017-01-05 21:50:49.822 [DEBUG] [ulation.internal.HueEmulationServlet] - HuState [on: false bri: -1 hue: 0 sat: 0 xy: {0.0 0.0 } ct: 500 alert: none effect: none colormode: ct reachable: true
2017-01-05 21:50:49.822 [DEBUG] [ulation.internal.HueEmulationServlet] - HSBType 0,0,0
2017-01-05 21:50:49.823 [DEBUG] [ulation.internal.HueEmulationServlet] - sending OFF to Light_GF_Kitchen_Plinth_Oven
2017-01-05 21:50:49.878 [DEBUG] [ulation.internal.HueEmulationServlet] - GET /api/M28c1N9nNRvd12tXZPfBcSyQ58Geu1zb0tf1UUQ/lights/Light_GF_Kitchen_Plinth_Oven

I can control the device from OH2, but not via Alexa.

Config error on my part. I now have Alexa turning lights on and off.


My advice to anyone having trouble with Alexa is to try a fresh clean or demo install of OH2 and try to get Alexa working without your config added ( there will be a couple of devices needed of course to prove that Alexa is working, but keep it to a minimum)

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Slow Response -

Is anyone having issues with Alexa being slow to respond to a voice command?

I sometimes will tell Alexa turn on or off a light and her ring will spin and after a long delay the light may turn on or off, I’ll here an “OK” and then the command seems to trigger again.

It seems that if I follow up with additional commands they will process normally, it almost seems like she is having difficulty getting a response from OH.

I’m on a high speed network with robust wifi for Alexa and GB connectivity for OH.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this?