New Binding - Code Analysis

I am trying to fix the outstanding code review issues on the CBus binding and bring the builds up to date with the latest changes. When i build it i dont get any code-analysis reports generated.

[java] JVM args ignored when same JVM is used. [INFO] Done SpotBugs Analysis… [INFO] [INFO] — sat-plugin:0.6.1:report (sat-all) @ org.openhab.binding.cbus — [INFO] No reports found !


This seems to be the same for any binding linking against a local jar file (I’ve tried lgwebos & allplay localy). But ones that dont (airquality) seem to generate code-analysis reports.
Is this something i am doing wrong or is their an issue in the build environment?
From a quick look (and i dont understand it) i think it might be doing the analysis against the jar file in the lib instead of the source files?



Fixed, but not merged. You can compile 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT from my fork and add


to your pom.xml. But don’t forget to remove it later on.

Great thanks