[New Binding] EMBY Server Binding - Alpha

(Krisztián Kurucz) #41

There are the logfiles.
Emby and openHAB logs to compare what happened when (not yet with the new version).

About the reliability. There were many entry after install and I’ve stopped logging the binding. I just restarted it few days ago and now , I don’t see any. Except the one, when I’ve removed the server (1).

I’m going to install over this weekend the new version and go with full-time logging from start.

I’ll inform you.

(John Riker) #42

Side question on this. If I have Emby running on a server, and the XBox 360 extension on another computer, and using only XBox 360 devices to access Emby will this binding pick up playing movies and the like or will it only work when watching a movie on a PC?



(Zachary Christiansen) #43

You can add a thing for any type of devices that connect to the server. Computers, xbox devices, chromecasts, iphone clients.