New Binding for Caddx alarm panels [NX584, NX8e, ...]

Thanks for the info Alessio.
Good to know it didn’t happen only to me. I will try to reset the NX595 and see what will happen.

What is your alarm configuration? Panel, Expansion cards, etc?

Hi Jossuar,

I’m the owner of a NX-8E panel with several expanders (wired) and NX148 keypads.

For now, I’m new to openHAB, but for now, the binding add-on and thing is already working! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your work and the tips and tricks in this thread. I will follow the new advantages. If I can test something for you, please let me know.


Also can you share your panel configuration, so that i know on which hardware config it runs successfully?

Fyi, I have a NX8.
Will keep you posted if I encounter any issues on my “try-out” Rpi. In the meantime, I will prepare my production Rpi on which I will install the binding once it’s official. Thanks a lot for this great work!

Hi @jossuar ,
The main board is a NX-8V21, I have two control panel LCD NX-1048-D-EN (one per floor) and of course the NX-595E. The GSM module is a NX-7002 coupled with a NX-535.
Two sirens: inside a SP200B and outside a DODGE LS).
About the sensors…I have some volumetric outside as perimetric and some volumetric inside, all of them wired.

Now please don’t come to rob my house :rofl:

Thank you all for the info.
If you notice anything weird, just tell me.
In the meantime i will write some documentation. When ready, i will also submit a PR.

The next days i will try to reset my panel and will start with the integration of the NX-595E.
My initial idea was to add a 2nd bridge type to the binding but i don’t know if this is a good idea. There is no way as far as i have seen the web interface to extract a comparable set of information. Maybe a dedicated binding will be cleaner. Let’s decide after analysis of the NX-595E. (Don’t worry i will not rob your house. Promise. :mask:)

Hi @jossuar,

Where are you with the NX-595E? I’m really looking forward to integrating my NX-8 system into OpenHAB without buying another board.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with to get this going.

Hi @FischerIT,

i’m a bit overwhelmed at work the last two weeks and had no time to fix the NX-595E yet.
Will be probably done next week. After that i will start with the binding.

Hi Jossuar,
how s it going? Hope you ll manage.

Hi @Senna600,

the code is there.

I’m still struggling with the documentation. More specifically writing a file based configuration example. I cannot make it work.
When i configure everything from the the auto discovered items, the Control page in PaperUI works as expected. When i do the configuration with files it doesn’t work.

That’s the last item i need to finish for the to submit a PR.


i submitted a PR few day ago and i edited the first post to point to the latest release.

Hi jossuar,
How s it going? As far as I understand from the PR there seems to be some issues? Hope you can still make it. Anything else to contribute except mental support? I’m sure you would make many people happy with this binding!

Hi @Senna600,

@hilbrand did make some preliminary comments on the [caddx] PR which have been addressed. Currently i’m waiting for a more detailed review. I suppose the review will be done sooner or later.

Nothing else can be done until the maintainers find some time to review the PR.

Hey everyone!

Is there a working solution for the NX-595 module? I stuck my openhab into storage waiting on NX development but I’m eager to jump back into this project but just need some expert help.

Hi @FischerIT,

i had some problems with my NX595E. It lost its web interface.
My installer came and removed the board and brought it back after a few days and installed it again.
It was working for circa one month and stopped again suddenly when i was browsing the web-interface and going through the log entries. I was very disappointed and decided that this extension card is not worth to invest more time in it.

Unfortunately this board seems buggy to me…I had 2 replacements…at first they said it was a power supply problem…we put in an additional power supply but it happened again…they asked me to stop polling the board with my script (just curl calling the web interface every 10 seconds) because the board could have crashed because of the load/concurrency with the cloud update…it seems rubbish to me (also because they said other clients had problems and surely they just use the standard app)…but I have to keep it…so now I’ve stopped my scripts and created an alternative web interface (to call the board just on load) to embed it in a webview… let’s see if it will last.
Anyway thank you for your time and effort!

I also just disconnected my NX-595e after tracing down a issue I have been living with for about a year. It was showing device 191 disconnect and reconnects every half hour so my alarm would always have a service light. Strangely the web interface and android app would always work with the alarm the whole time.

Hi @jossuar,
looks like Travisbuddy accepted the build, no? Do you know what will happen next and when we might expect the binding?
When this becomes an official binding, would it mean we need to upgrade our OH to be able to install the binding or is that independent?
Many thanks!

Hello @Senna600,

Travisbuddy is the automated build bot. This means that the code does compile and is correctly signed. The bot cannot judge the quality of the code or what the code is actually doing.
Therefore it has to be reviewed by an actual person.
For the upgrade question it depends on which version you are currently running and when the binding will be accepted. Most probably you will need to upgrade.

Hi all.
I have a nx9 with a nx590NE. This expansion has AFAIK the automation protocol embedded via tcp/udp, Is it possible to get this binding working with this hardware?

Hi @pepelillo

I do not own the NX-590NE. From a quick look at the manual, Programming Locations 87-91 are related to Automation (premise server), but i could not find more info on it. If this card “speaks” the nx-584 protocol, then it would be possible.
I don’t know.