New Binding for Legrand Adorne Switches/Outlets

I started using OpenHAB about 5 years ago when I fell in love with the design of the Legrand Adorne Switches and Outlets. Due to the lack of a public API I initially simply sent direct http commands to control the devices, but soon missed getting state updates from the devices.
When Legrand finally announced a public API via Samsung ARTIK Cloud I endeavored to write my first binding. I was days away from submitting it when Legrand and Samsung announced the cancellation of the API. Back to the drawing board.
Unfortunately Legrand has to date not offered any support towards a replacement API. But thanks to the great work of sbozarth I was able to rewrite the binding to interact directly with the hub. Not a Legrand supported API this can break at any time, but on the plus side due to the local hub access it’s much faster than the external ARTIK Cloud approach.
So - with a small tear in my eyes - it has been a long time coming - I am excited to announce that the Adorne binding is now finally available. Looking forward to your feedback.

Side note re. existing hub bugs:
I am struggling with two bugs in the LC7001 hub:

  1. The hub intermittently loses messages between the hub and switches (maybe radio interference). When that happens the device state and the hub state get out of sync. Nothing the binding can do about that - if the hub state is wrong the binding will present the wrong state as well. If in doubt you can check the Adorne app - if both binding and Adorne app show the same (wrong) state you are likely encountering the above issue (and not a binding issue).
  2. When the hub boots it initializes all devices to off even if they are on. Again nothing the binding can do about that. Toggling the device state re-syncs the state correctly in the hub.

I am trying to work with Legrand support on these issues, but it has been challenging. If the above is happening to you as well I would love to hear about it for better troubleshooting.

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