[New Binding] HDL Automation

So download the latest jar again.

No workable links to download new binding.


I tested the provided jar with dockerized OpenHAB 2.5.2.

Things that worked:

  • quick setup for the bridge to go online
  • in the logs, I observed all the messy communication going on in the HDL network. That’s so helpful and promising.

Things did not work:

  • 8-in-1 sensor and 24 channel sensor things didn’t pass quick tests.

Looking at the code I realized there are multiple model modifications out there, and, of course, I possess other ones. The challenge for this binding is that HDL products variance is huge, thousands, including model modifications…

After having that success I thought of adding a class for one of my devices. Unfortunately in planned time I only got to building the binding and have stuck at some core dependencies missing error. I had to put that on pause.

Stig, great work so far! My core (wired) smart home setup is based on HDL devices. 15 devices in total, including the HVAC module, Enviro panel, and then perhaps 20 standalone sensors. I’d love to see how it works with my devices, so am happy to do testing. Can you have a look at the following model list and potentially bring support for some of them? simple ones?

  • HDL-MFH06.432
  • HDL-MPT4.48
  • HDL-MPTLC43.46-A
  • HDL-MR0410.431
  • HDL-MR0416.431
  • HDL-MR0810.432
  • HDL-MR1210.433
  • HDL-MR1610.433
  • HDL-MS24.232(SB-DN-DRY-24Z)
  • HDL-MSP08M.4C


Yes I can add support for some of those items. Pavel also recommend to do like knx, adding general items, but that will be in the future.

Good morning Stig,
I’ve built an addon for SmartG4Control system, it uses a very similar API to what HDL uses, to be honest i think SG4 is just a branch of the HDL protocol. Might be interesting to share ideas as we build out.
See my post about it on the development forum.


Hi, Is this binding available for OH3?

Hi. I have upgraded to OH3 and is still using this binding.

I will commit the changes I needed to do to get it to OH3 in github for the binding. Might be after weekend.

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Hello, trying to run the application on OH3.3 and it failed.
I am not a Java developer, however I think I’ve managed to port the application to OH3
But struggling with dependencies (and I am not a Maven expert etc.)

Are you still working on this project? Can we maybe collaborate to make it working?

Hi. I have it working on 3.3 but had some issues with github and eclipse. Can not push to github from eclipse. I have buildt it locally and running it on latest openhab in my setup. Can see if i can share the locally built binding.

That would be really nice of you, thank you!

Hopefully this link work. Its generate for 3.1 but I am using it in Openhab 3.4.


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Like a charm!

Hello again Stig,
Thank you very much for help.
I was wondering how difficult is to add suport MPT6 (this is a 6-key version of MPT4)

and for DALI gateway
https www. hdlautomation. com/product100000206313677.html

Another question is, how can I control the dimming pannel of a DLP module?
This is the panel which has built-in dimmers and can serve as a base for both MPT4/MPT6 and DLP8.48

@stigla I would really like to help you in integration and further development. E.g. I mean I could add a PR for MPT6, but need some help with building.

The wireless I do not have my self so that might be a little difficult, the touch panel I have a the 4 button one myself, so might be easier. But depends also whats in the protocol.

Regarding the build, when I get everything working with github again, making new builds are not diffcult for me, since I can then just pull the changes. Hoppfully i have some time now under Christmas to look into the issues and get everything working again.

Then if you make a PR I can build it soon after.

Hello again Stig,
Any change you’ve had some time during the weekend?
I really would like to participate and help you, but need some guidance.
I have actually multiple types of equipment which are currently not supported by the plugin, most of them wireless but not only them:

  1. https://www.hdlautomation.com/vancheerfile/Files/2020/9/20200924131047822.pdf
    The wireless panel HDL-MPL8-RF.18(16)-A which is not actually working with the plugin right now. It also comes bound to the base which has its own controls (3 dimming channels): MPWPID03LN.16-A Products-HDL Automation-Residential Hospitality Commercial
  2. HDL-MPT2(4-6)-RF.16-A are the wireless version of the touch panel, seems that they are not working too Products-HDL Automation-Residential Hospitality Commercial
  3. Wireless curtain modules seem to be fully compatible with the BusPro version
  4. DALI controller is BusPro, not wireless, and I have it too

Hello! You can control your devices with help OH->node-red->BusPro.

Thank you Pavel, will try that as well