New binding :

Initial public release of a binding for the IP interface module.
The binding has been tested with the DS65L IP interface, but it’s not an official binding by Luxom.
For the moment only buttons & dimmers are supported.

The communication api is based on the documentation found on the official site


  • initial public release


Hello, I’ve recently installed OpenHabian and added the Luxom binding hoping to control my Luxom setup, but currently fail to do so.

Unfortunately I do not own the DS65L interface from Luxom. I have the RS232 gateway combined with the Brainbox ES-246 serial to Ethernet converter, which works fine to control my setup through Telnet using the Luxom standardized ASCII protocol.

Viewing the logs, the connection seems to be established correctly since I see the typical ASCII messages appear. However on the binding overview in the setup, it indicates state ‘Unknown’ and connecting which results in all things being in error since the bridge itself is not in ‘Online’ state.

It seems thus there’s a small difference between my setup and the way DS65L is communicating to the binding.

Is there a way to workaround this?
I would like to avoid spending over 700 euros for a new interface.
Since messages are already coming through it’s probably some minor difference which blocks it from operating.


After some debugging and verifying the source code for this binding, I think I’ve found the cause of the problem.
At initial connection to the IP bridge, the binding is expecting to receive a message with the MODULE_INFORMATION before going online. The RS232 module with IP convertor which I have does not send this by default, causing the binding to remain in connecting mode and listening mode only.
At the moment not able to get a workaround on this.