New binding not showing any things

I’ve created lately an OH Binding that enables integration with Supla system. Locally (build jar > put in addons folder) everything works, but when I install it from the market place there are no things to add from UI:

also what looks weird is binding ID:


From my side I think that I’ve configured correctly the OH-INF, so OH should be able to add my things: openhab-supla/src/main/resources/OH-INF at master · magx2/openhab-supla · GitHub

What is interesting if I install my addon from JAR (I’ve put it in openhab-addons folder) adding things works.

I think it might have something to do with addon ID. With local installation Supla Binding has “proper” ID:


OK, apparently my artifact name was openhab-supla and binding ID was supla and this made UI not working correctly (I was redirected to /settings/things/add/openhab-supla instead of /settings/things/add/supla)