[New binding proposal] - Meteoalarm Severe weather alerts feed

I am missing meteoalarm service - which is able to display or proceed the severe weather alerts in EU. It is an official, EU webpage, which provides data through RSS or other feeds. https://feeds.meteoalarm.org/
I was using domoticz before and I saw it is also on HomeAssistant too. I am missing this feature, as it was very accurate. I would drive my water tank pump in the garden with this binding.

Is someone able and possible to create such a binding? I can pay with some Chrons/Rovas, which I have from my volunteering in other project, as I am not a programmer…

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Especially if you are willing to pay, the best approach is to post a bounty on Introducing BountySource for funded development. But that’s only if no one responds directly to your request as bountysource has some less than good policies.

I think there used to be an old 1.x RSS binding. Until someone steps up to create a binding here you might be able to set up an instance of OH 2 and install and configure the RSS binding to subscribe to the feed. You can then use the Remote openHAB add-on to get the RSS feed items from that OH 2 instance into your OH 3 instance.

It’s not pretty but it can get you by for now.

Currently, there exists two bindings that serves this purpose :

You can also parse RSS feeds using Feed - Bindings | openHAB

I imagine you’re in none of these countries.
I’ll have a look at this feed and will get back to you.


I searched the add-ons list for “RSS” and the “Feed” binding didn’t come up. I figured it was an old and unsupported binding. Glad it’s still around.

Yes, you are right. Nothing new I guess? Will it be available in OH3.2 again?
@glhopital: I am in Slovakia, I know about these non-eu bindings.


Hi @glhopital
I am new to openHAB (thus 3.1). I have installed Meteo Alerte Bindings, but now how do I get the information displayed (in Sitemap, OpenHAB or other panel (yes, I get lost with all those panels))?
Hope you can help, thanks in advance.

Hello, this is not a question related to the binding itself but general usage. Please go through documentation and forum how-to

Here some hint, for someone who is able:

Hi @glhopital

did you find a way to use that RSS feed to have the MeteoAlarm alerts for people not living in France nor NZ?

I’m trying to do something similar, but it seems quite difficult.

thanks for your support

Hi @ariela - no sorry, I had not much time to investigate this. I looked at their data and it does not add much value toward what I already have in MeteoAlarm binding…living in France.

is the MeteoAlarm binding in France based on the MeteoAlarm.org site? or something different? Just to understand if we can try to re-use the same approach, or not

No, unfortunately for you it’s based on a different web service - and so potentially data structure maybe different.

for the sake of clarity, we can use the OpenWeatherMap binding to receive the alarm info from MeteoAlarm. I’ve tested, and it works like a charm.