New binding Sinthesi Sapp protocol available!

Thanks to all community to merge this new binding!
Sinthesi is an italian factory that produce hw for home and building automation.
I start to work with this products some years ago and I’m happy to see it now in Openhab community.

With this binding you can control all the analogs and digitals devices, in the wiki you can find how to control lights, rollershutters, contacts, temperatures and of courses dimmer too. All is integrated and works very well.

I will share my experience here in the forum , for now enjoy and more news are coming.

Thanks to @hakan for support on merging the binding.


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Considering OH2 compatibility, all I could do is make sure that the binding is starting when deployed into an OH2 runtime. Somehow I need more hardware :smiling_imp:

Could you test whether the hardware that you have available is working with OH2 too? Then, we could mark it as “working” in the documentation.


Yes sure, in this days I will do a test and then I will give you a feedback :slight_smile:

Hi Hakan, binding tested with openhab 2 and it’s working like a charm :wink:

You can mark it like 100% compatible.


Thank you, I just created a pull request on OH2 to this effect:


Thanks a lot for your big contribution!