New Binding: Wireless M-Bus / Techem heat cost allocators

@Cplant Thanks for tip about wmbusmeters. I get now values with the cul stick. Now I am struggling a little bit with getting the the values into openhab using MQTT.
If my I understand it correctly, then I have to setup a Mosquitto server and to use the MQTT Binding in Openhab. Correct?
I am running Mosquitto in one Docker container and Wmbusmeters in another container. I found the following line I have to add in the Wmbusmeters.conf:

hell=/usr/bin/mosquitto_pub -h mqtt -u <username> -P <password> -i wmbusmeter -t wmbusmeters/readings/$METER_ID -m "$METER_JSON"

But where can I specify the IP/Port of the mosquitto server?
Also I haven’t any experiences with setting up the mosquito server and the MQTT binding. But step by step…
(I found your HowTo Install & maintain openHAB on Raspi in Docker together with Mosquitto, Duplicati, influxDB, Samba etc - Step by step instruction. This helps in setting up the mosquitto server)