New bundles other than bindings

I am trying to develop some new bundles for a prototype for Eclipse Smart Home. These bundles won’t be bindings and so I have problems to set it up in Eclipse.
So far, I have created a new maven module urc4esh in the bundels folder. I have also created a working set with the same name.
Next I tried to create a new submodule under urc4esh with the maven module wizard. Now, the problems start.
Obviously, the new project is not recognized as a Java project. E.g. when I am trying to add a new source folder I get the message " Project is not a Java project." and when I try code auto completion “Cannot perform operation. This compilation unit is not on the build path of a java project.”.
So I deleted the project from the workspace and also .project and .settings and reimported the project again but nothing changed.
So, how do I have to set up such a new module?

Depends what you’re creating. If it’s not a binding, what is it?

It is about an idea for a UI framework for exchangable and personalizable user interfaces. The idea is taken from an earlier project called Universal Remote Console (URC). I would like to build a small prototype to discuss some further ideas. I need a REST API, some bundles that have access to the thing and channel registry and a bundle that communicates via HTTP to an external server.

I can’t really help much with that.

It might be easiest to set up the project in its own workspace initially and then import it.