New Construction

Hello Community,
I recently joined this community and this great community with great technical minds and willing to help,
I am in planning stage of my new house, I would really appreciate it if you guys can help me to make right decision for my smart home.
Currently my friend is helping me to design the wired setup utilizing the Schneider Momentum PLC to control following
1- Multi zone HVAC
2- Motion & Door Sensors
3- Lights (On/Off only no dimming)
4- Sheds /Blinds
5- Garage doors
6- Sprinklers

But this setup will be missing integration of following items
1- Dimmers for lights
2- Audio / Video Intigration
3- Security Cameras
4- Intercom / Front Door bell camera

Just for clarification why I am planning to go all wired solution, because this is new build I can run all the wiring and most important is reliability of wired system which I learnt in hard way, during my last vacation I went blind on all my wireless security system because my wireless router went down and I was 4000 miles away in Asia and couldn’t do anything, my Nest was down, my Xiaomi wifi Cam, door sensors, hub was down, my Ring Doorbell was down.

I will really appreciate if you can guide me to right direction in terms of following
1- If there is any other wired solution which is compatible with OpenHab out of the box so I won’t go with PLC route, if not
2-Can I integrate Schneider Momentum PLC to OpenHab
3- Way to integrate dimmers in Schneider Momentum PLC
4- Audio/ Video Integration (could be separate system but integrated in one platform like OpenHab)
5- Best and cost effective Intercom & security camera system

Finally most cost effective overall system,


Just a quick hint:

Your problem was that the wireless router was a single point of failure.
If your devices were connected to a single switch (wired) the same could happen.

But there are other reasons why wireless might not be the best solution…

Thanks for your feedback, yes this could happen but reliability of switch compare to router is very high. Everything connected to wireless my introduce lots of week points based on performance of the router or any update happening over the wireless connection.
I would really appreciate feedback on my overall proposed system

Will really appriciate any suggestions