New device added to database - VRCS4-M0

Hi @chris and @sihui,

I’ve added a new device and requested review: item 881.

When I created the device and uploaded the XML, the first time it threw an error (I think it was a SQL error, bad Reeves, I should have copied it). I edited the XML to remove the neighbor nodes and submitted again and it succeeded (but complained the device ID already exists).

I’ve attached the XML file with node neighbors still in if you’d like to see if it repros. If you’d like me to try to reproduce the error I could edit the XML, changing the thing ID to something random (I don’t want to pollute the db without your direction :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

network_f1f3c5ef__node_42.xml (7.5 KB)


I have seen this error with the SQL, but I’ve not managed to work out what it is (debugging PHP on webservers is not so simple!). In any case, it does create the database entry, so when you tried to create it again after removing the neighbor list, it said that it already existed I think.

There is no issue anyway, and there isn’t a conflict with other devices with the same device IDs, so I don’t see any problem and I’ve accepted the addition - it will be added into the binding in the next few days…

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Brilliant, thanks.