New errors reported from Sonos Binding

after installing the last nigthly build ( Online Build #298) I’m getting error log entries from my sonos players like:

I observed a change on the discovered things. On PaperUI each player used to be detected as something like: “sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_B8E937BDEF0E01400”, however after the update that changed to : “sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_B8E937BDEF0E01400”.
I changed that in my .Items file accordingly, resulting in responsive controls on my ClassicUI, however now I get those above mentioned errors. When using the old notation the controlls are NOT responsive.

Could you please enter an issue for this at


Hi guys,

same issue here. May I ask you to share the link please?



The issue is already closed

It looks like the issue is resurfacing. I’m having the same issue with the latest builds.

any progress here? Any solution yet?
I still got those errors in my logfiles. Everything works… but in order to see real errors I really would like to keep thos phantom-errors to a minumum :slight_smile:


The error posted above was solved. If you have errors with a current build of the Sonos binding please file an issue on github ( as I have done above).