New Fibaro Swipe Type / ID number

Hi All,

I have a new Fibaro swipe which is not recognised by the Z-Wave binding. The binding database has it as
Manufacturer Fibargroup
Manufacturer ID 010F
Name FGGC001
Device Description Fibaro Swipe Scene Controller
References (Type:Id) 0D01:1000

From HabMmin, my unit has:
Manufacturer 010f"Fibargroup"
Type / ID 0d01:3000

I hope those maintaining the db can update quickly.


You can do it by yourself (that is the quickest way):

Thanks Sihui,

I have activated an account on the db site, so can submit a change. The only issue I have is that there is an existing device configuration, and I (being a noob :confused: ) am not sure what change to make. I will contact Chris, as suggested in the database intro for him to make a ruling.

For those reading this thread, the database has updated and a binding update will probably go out tomorrow.