New groups do not initialize correct after refreshing model - only after reboot

If I make a new group like TVLight

Group GroundFloorLight
Group TVLight
Group:Switch:(ON, OFF) Lights "All Lights [(%d)]"
Dimmer BedRoom (Lights) {channel=“hue:LCT001:00178817632e:6:color”}
Dimmer Dinnertable1 (Lights, GroundFloorLight) {channel=“hue:LCT001:00178817632e:1:color”}
Dimmer Dinnertable2 (Lights, GroundFloorLight) {channel=“hue:LCT001:00178817632e:2:color”}
Dimmer StorStanderlampe (Lights, GroundFloorLight) {channel=“hue:LWB006:00178817632e:3:color”}
Dimmer TVRoomLamp (Lights, GroundFloorLight, TVLight) {channel=“hue:LWB006:00178817632e:5:color”}
Dimmer TVRoomSpot (Lights, GroundFloorLight, TVLight) {channel=“hue:LCT007:00178817632e:4:color”}

And try to add it to my sitemap file like this:
Slider item=TVLight label=“TV Lys” icon=“light”

When I try to move the slider in the on my iPhone - then in the openhab.log I get this:
2016-07-10 23:13:00.758 [WARN ] [] - Received HTTP POST request at ‘items/TVLight’ with an invalid status value ‘44’

I have had this issue since the announcement om OH2b3, and downloaded the latest build yesterday and the problem is still there. (only just figured out yesterday how it didn’t work :slight_smile: )