New Homeseer WD200+ Switches Coming

@nealg Looks like Chris has updated the WD200+ entry in the DB. I am not sure of the steps to import the latest device changes - possibly just delete the thing and re-add it but I may be wrong. Anyway, you may have more luck adding it to now the errors are fixed.

You need to update to the latest snapshot binding - you can’t update an existing binding with a new database as it’s embedded.

Yes, I got a notification as I’m watching the repo in GitHub :-). I’ve already upgraded to the latest snapshot and it immediately recognized the device! I’ve created rules to turn the switch on/off at specific times and it’s working great! I even changed the LED to green (just playing around). Now I just need to figure out how to use the astro binding in the rule engine within PaperUI (is this possible in the current version?)

Thanks Chris for all that you do!

That’s great @nealg!

Could you post a few code examples? Mine’s not here yet, but I’d like to get ready for when it shows up.

Hi @idean, I’m a newbie to OH2 and, so far, I don’t have any code examples. I created the device and rules entirely within PaperUI. Currently, I have the switch turning on/off at a specific time of day. I’d like to base the trigger for these rules on sunrise/sunset, but I haven’t determined if I can use the astro binding in the experimental rule engine in PaperUI. If not, I’m ok with editing flat files too and I’ve seen plenty of example on the use of astro for this purpose.

Anyone else have an example of using astro in the Rule Engine or is this not currently possible?

Update: I figured out how to do sunrise/sunset in PaperUI with the Astro binding. I had to do a scan with the Astro binding in inbox. It then added two new things: Local Moon & Local Sun. Editing the Local Sun thing, I clicked on Sunrise Start time channel and linked it to a new item. Then, I did the same for Sunset Start time. Then, I was able to trigger on “a trigger channel fires” and select the channel I had just linked: “Local Sun (set#event)” with event name “START” for the sunset rule and “Local Sun (rise#event)” and event name “END” for the sunrise rule. This is working for me.

Hi @chris - my WD200+ just arrived. After including it via HABmin it is still showing as an unknown device.
I am running the 4th March binding from this thread: OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY

I also notice that the nighltight change I made to the GE 45605 device is not showing up. i.e. There is not new channel available on the device. Even after removing and re-adding.
Are the latest database updates included in the 4th March version of the SECURITY binding?

I think the latest binding should include these channels. I guess the common issue is an old version is still running so I’d suggest to double check that the correct version is really running in the Karaf console.

If it is, then please provide the exact information provided by the binding about the device product codes as yours may be slightly different than the device in the database.

That was it - two versions of the zwave binding were installed. Thanks and sorry for missing that.

No problem - unfortunately it’s not an uncommon problem (but at least an easy one :wink: ).

I have this switch working for the most part now in OH.
I have made quite a few updates to the device in the DB that are pending review. I added some comments to that page also as I am not sure how to surface the blink status of the LEDs since they all relate to a single bitmasked parameter. Plus the blink frequency setting is not working at all for me via OpenHAB.
@chris - not sure if comments made in the DB device page go direct to your inbox or if they are just on the page itself -in either case, I would really appreciate your help with the two issues I mentioned to get this device fully integrated and controllable in OH.

I’ve just come across your comment. At the moment I don’t think there’s a way to split the channel, so for now I think the only solution would be to do the color conversion in the rule before sending the data to the channel

Thanks Chris. I have updated the DB accordingly and requested review. Thanks

Is it me, or does the device on the database not match what channels are there when you add the device? The actual device when added has a bitmask for the blinking, yet the database page for it shows 7 individual channels for the blink status. It’s obviously more complicated to do the bitmask, as it’s not super easy to keep track/status of what is currently on the device then have to change one byte to adjust one led.

I’d love to see it behave like the description on the database, though I understand the complication with having that work as well. Do we know which way it’s going to be in the future, so I don’t spend a bunch of time working it out one way and then have it switch on me? Just bought 24 of these things, just making sure I know how it’s going to be before I go through the efforts. Thank you,

Also just realized that the scene state seems to change w/ a " one" added to the end of it. Is that by design? I’m getting :
Bryce’s Light Scene Changed : 1.3 one
Bryce’s Light Scene Changed : 2.0 one

The log line for that looks like this :

logInfo("Bryce's Room", "Bryce's Light Scene Changed : " + BryceLights_SceneNumber.state )

The scene state is a composite of the paddle ‘direction’ and the ‘action’.
See below:

[Paddle Direction] . [Action]

[Paddle Direction]
1.n = Top
2.n = Bottom

n.0 = 1 Click
n.1 = Release
n.2 = Hold
n.3 = 2 Clicks
n.4 = 3 Clicks
n.5 = 4 Clicks
n.6 = 5 Clicks

1.3 = Top, 2 Clicks
2.0 = Bottom, 1 Click

Yea, I get that, but I am getting a " one" added to the end of every state. No idea why. Other than that they work fine.

What does your events.log show when you change the taps?

2018-04-11 08:55:52.434 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - BryceLights_StatusModeLED6Colour changed from 0.0 one to 3.0 one

It’s literally adding the " one" to the end of the events. I now have 12 of these installed, and they all do the same exact thing.

That’s so weird, i have yet to order on even though i made this thread lol.

Have you tried upgrading the zwave binding to the latest snapshot maybe?

Uninstalled it and reinstalled a couple times, yes. I think it’s something to do with the binding, as I noticed when I was setting up a new Fibaro motion sensor that had yet to finish it’s initialization lux sensor on the motion sensor was also reporting “9.2 one”, but that seems to have resolved itself.

The lights continue to all report their scene status with a " one" added to the end. When it does get fixed I’m going to have a lot of rules to change, haha…