New Homeseer WD200+ Switches Coming

Tried that already. I have now 24 of these things, they are all doing the same thing. The only good thing is that it’s new functionality, so for the most part they have been drop ins. It’s just where I intend to use the new functionality that it’s become a problem.

I also added one on my test system before I did all this and noticed it, but was able to work around it, so they have gone into production. I just have to keep changing the return value to a string, then do the compares in the rules.

Not really a huge deal, but I’d say it’s certainly not right.

Please get a debug log from the binding so we can see where this is coming from. I really can’t see that it’s a binding issue as the binding uses the following code in the scene converter -:

        return new DecimalType((BigDecimal) event.getValue());

From this, it’s hard to see how it could return anything other than a decimal value.

Guys, the " one" at the end of the value is caused by the “Dimensionless” selection of the “Number” item’s Dimension. I just got my own Home Seer HS-WD200+ and I noticed this right away as well. All the number items that I’ve selected “Dimensionless” on have the appended " one" string at the end, which is dumb. For the Home Seer item, I went in and reassigned its Dimension selection to Area and it doesn’t appear to append anything to the value passed by the switch.

It might pay to raise this as an issue in ESH…

Sorry Chris, I’m new here. What is ESH? Lemme know and I’ll do it.

ESH is Eclipse SmartHome - it is the core of openHAB and it’s a separate project.

The issue tracker for ESH is here.

Cool, thanks Chris. I submitted the issue here.


Hey all, few questions:

  1. Is this switch working OK with the Z-Wave binding?
  2. Do we know if the lights this device has to support things like flashing red if the garage door is open is something we can control/set based on our own rules?
  3. Anyone buy one of these and specifically talking the almond color. I have light almond in my house and Almond tends to be to dark for me in my house. The light almond tends to be a light beige or something so curious if anyone has seen it.