New house planning - need advise for lights


We are currently building a new house and before we start with the electricity I am not sure how to set up the lightning (electricity) in the house.
My plan is to remotely control all lights in the house using Fibaro Relays (FIBEFGS-213 and FIBEFGS-223).

So my question is (before we start with the electricity in the house) should I mount these relays in the box under each switch or should I put them in a central location (distribution cabinet/schaltschrank) where all the fuses are?

And what is the best approach while using Home Automation for switches? Should we use standard switches (on/off) or should we use push button switches? If we would use push button switches, can Fibaro act as a “standalone” relay inside the distribution cabinet/schaltschrank or do I need additional relays?

Most lights will have a dedicated switch (one lamp > one switch), but a few of them will have 2 or 3 switches (one lamp > multiple switches for turning on/off)


Centralize cabling if you have the opportunity to. This allows for easy maintenance and even to exchange the whole automation system in case you need to, maybe some years into the future.

You can use what you like, no you need no relay, just configure the Fibaros.
I’d recommend momentary switches (push buttons) because this allows for scene switching (e.g. on triple click). You can also attach a standard switch and triple-switch, but that’s kind of awkward.

Remember that whikle you still can do it, you don’t have to connect every switch to every lamp any more (Wechsel-/Kreuzschaltung), one is sufficient.

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Be sure to be aware of the legal codes and standards for electrical wiring in your jurisdiction. Certain things may or may not be allowed.