New house what system shall I choose

We built our house 2013 and at that time we installed KNX from the start. 180 switches/20 dimmer channels/ AD integration the full kit. And of course OpenHAB 2 :slight_smile:
We will probably sell the house now and move to Spain and buy a house.

If I like to continue with KNX i will have to rewire the entire house (a lot I will have to rewire anyway to a Swedish standard regarding the fuses and so on) and in that case I might need so become a stone worker since everything is solid cement in the houses in Spain :slight_smile:

So is there a better system? Should I look at ZigBee system? I hate wireless control systems, but you can prove me wrong.

What system should I go with this time for full house automation?

I’m not a big fan of wireless either - you still have to have power cables running around, so the usefulness is when adding to existing installation.

Isn’t it the Spanish way to run e.g. lighting cables back to a central relay box?

What I have understood is that the have a splitterbox and split upp to a lot of outlets from one box. If thats the case I just redraw a 7x2,5mm to the splitterbox an get 5 different KNX channels