New Hue binding getActions


I have a question on the new Hue binding getActions, I want to use this to slowly dimm the lights, as I understand I have got to insert a val hueActions like this:

val hueActions = getActions(“hue”,“hue:0100:0123456789bb:9”)

and use in the rule

hueActions.fadingLightCommand(“brightness”, new PercentType(50), new DecimalType(60000))

where “9” is the value off the hue light of the bridge I want to dimm but is there a way to use a group (eg all the lights in the livingroom) or do I have to make a “hueActions” for every light I want to control?

Just wandering if there are other actions beside fadingLightCommand;;;


When you use an Action you are working on the Things/Channels directly. Items and Groups of Items are not involved.

I think that Hue has the ability to group lights but if that group doesn’t get represented with a separate Thing in openHAB than you have to issue the command to each light individually when using the Action.

Looks like not.

thx rlkoshak