New Install - OH2 will not turn my light on

After getting really frustrated I decided to re-install a virgin copy of OH2 and start again with a minimal config to debug my issues. However it isnt going to plan because I cannot get the basics working and not sure what to do.

When i click on the button, the state changes visually but the lights do not turn off or on

However I do get entries in the events.log

or transformations instaledd
When I toggle my device manually from its own WEB UI I get messages in MQTT.fx

I havent made any changes to mqtt-eventsbus.cfg
I havent installed MQTT-ACTIONS
I have installed MQTT-BINDINGS
I havent got any persistance or transformations installed.

What would be helpful is a step by step guide to install the system from scratch


Since you are dealing with MQTT the problem is either your mqtt.cfg which means OH is failing to connect to the MQTT broker. You should see an error when OH first starts in openhab.log if this is the case.

Or the problem is your Item configs.

It transpires that I had a couple of <> missing