New Install openhab2, zwave port path missing

I blew away my install to do a fresh install and when I add the zwave serial controller the text box to put the path to the port is no longer there.

I just went to inbox, hit the plus and went through the zwave menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if I can just manually edit a file and set it to keep me going that is a good temp fix.


Sorry had wrong pic in there :), edited to fix

I can confirm this is a problem with a new build using Maven snapshot #427 as I did the same thing last night. Try installing HABmin and setting the port on the controller there. This worked for me!

Given we both found this I suspect a bug.

I can confirm it as well - issue for tracking is

Note that it can be noticed with most of my things.
Definitively not something specific to Z-wave binding.

FTR, this is fixed with build 429.