New install with Openhab 3.X coming from Openhab 2.5. How to?


I have a Openhab 2.5 working currently on a PI3 B. Originally it came from Openhab 1.x running now for many many years. It is controlling my Nikobus system.

Time now to move on to Openhab 3.x (I presume the Nikobus Binding works on 3.x)
As it’s so old and I don’t have full confidence anymore in the whole Linux setup (Can’t remember anymore how I have installed the OS back then) I want to start from a fresh install using Openhabian.
The SD card is written and ready to be powered up in the PI3 B.

What do you recommend to transfer the Openhab 2.5 setup to this new fresh Openhab 3.x setup ?

I think I need to install the binding first and then would I then be able to import a backup using openhab-cli ?

Or do you recommend a better alternative to transfer ?

Any help is welcome,

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There were a lot of breaking changes between 2.5.12 and 3.0.0 and an additional two years of incremental changes from 3.0.0 to 3.4.3 so there is going to be a lot in your config that needs to be manually corrected.

I’ve found that those users who have the most trouble with OH 3 are long term users who move from 1.x or 2.x to 3.x without reading through the Getting Started Tutorial, assuming they know everything they need to know. these users struggle even more then non-technical newcomers to OH. So I strongly recommend starting there, especially if you plan on using anything new in OH 3 (semantic model, MainUI, etc.). Even if you are not planning on it, review it anyway to learn what is new.

If you’ve any 1.x bindings still hanging around you’ll have to find alternatives. 1.x style bindings and configs are not supported in OH 3 at all. Everything requires Things and linking Channels to Items.

Next you will want to bring over/convert your config from 2.x to 3.x little by little, watching for errors in the log, converting to using the 2.x/3.x bindings in place of 1.x bindings, correcting problems in rules, etc.

You cannot restore a 2.x backup on to a 3.x instance. Restore does not perform any of the upgrade steps that you usually get through an update. You can only restore to the same version.

You could attempt to have the new SD card install 2.5.12 first, restore your backup, then upgrade to OH 3, but then you will be facing all the errors all at once which can become overwhelming. That’s why I recommend migrating the config little by little, recreating as necessary.

Thank you very much, some good tips.

Its a 2.x binding, don’t use any 1.x ones anymore.

I did read through a big part of the guides and read through the conversion process from 2.5 to 3.x

I used to work direct in the files and not via the graphic interface.
If the restore isn’t a good idea, I am going to do it manually editing the files manually and see where it goes.

I have a fairly basic setup I think, just loads of inputs and outputs in my Nikobus.

I will keep my old SD card, so i don’t destroy my current working setup.

Thank you very much.
I had it installed in no time using Openhabian.
Installing the bindings and the settings files (Item/maps/etc) and it worked with out any problems.

Thx for the support.

Do you have an older nikobus v1 installation? And you’re able to connect to it with the latest openhan version? I thought nobody was supporting the nikobus binding anymore?

OH 4 has both an official Niko Home Control Binding and Nikobus Binding.

Yes i have an old Nibobus installation.
Using this Binding : Nikobus - Bindings | openHAB sinds many years starting with Openhab 1.X to 2.X and now 3.X

Working perfectly, the installation feels up to date since i am using it.